AMORPHIS - Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes

Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes FORMAT: DVD
DATA APARITIEI: 25.06.2010
CASA DE DISCURI: Nuclear Blast Records

Amorphis more
Tomi Joutsen - voce
Esa Holopainen - chitara
Tomi Koivusaari - chitara
Niclas Etelävuori - bas
Santeri Kallio - clape
Jan Rechberger - baterie

DVD 1 - Concert in Oulu01. Silver Bride02. Sampo03. Towards and Against04. The Castaway05. Smithereens / The Smoke06. Majestic Beast07. Alone08. Silent Waters09. Divinity10. Elegy Medley (Against Widows / Cares / On Rich and Poor)11. From the Heaven of My Heart12. Sky Is Mine13. Magic and Mayhem / Black Winter Day14. Sign from the Northside15. House of Sleep16. My KanteleDVD 2 - Summer Breeze Open Air 200901. Leaves Scar02. Towards and Against03. From the Heaven of My Heart04. Against Widows05. The Castaway06. Sampo07. Silver Bride08. Alone09. The Smoke10. My Kantele11. House of Sleep12. Magic and MayhemVideo clipuri:01. Black Winter Day02. My Kantele03. Against Widows04. Divinity05. Alone06. Evil Inside07. House of Sleep08. The Smoke (live 2006)09. Silent Waters10. Silver Bride11. From the Heaven of My Heart12. My Kantele (Jyrki TV show, 1996)Interviu Amorphis (JyRKI TV show, 1996)Tales from the 20 Years (documentar)Galerie foto

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