EPICA - The Quantum Enigma

The Quantum Enigma FORMAT: CD
DATA APARITIEI: 02.05.2014
CASA DE DISCURI: Nuclear Blast Records
NOTEAZA ALBUM: 10 voturi

Top 2014: #100
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Simone Simons - voce
Coen Janssen - clape
Mark Jansen - chitara, voce
Isaac Delahaye - chitara
Rob van der Loo - bas
Ariën Van Weesenbeek - tobe

01. Originem02. The Second Stone03. The Essence of Silence04. Victims of Contingency05. Sense Without Sanity - The Impervious Code06. Unchain Utopia07. The Fifth Guardian (interlude)08. Chemical Insomnia09. Reverence - Living in the Heart10. Omen - The Ghoulish Malady11. Canvas of Life12. Natural Corruption13. The Quantum Enigma - Kingdom of Heaven

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