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Metalfan: Hello Tor! As Atrox is not so familiar to many metalfans from Romania, it would be great if you could present us a short history of the band, the most important things to be more specific...   
Tor: Atrox are from Trondheim, Norway. We started out back in 1988 under the name Suffocation,  but obviously changed it to Atrox in 1990.
In 1996 Atrox released a 7" entitled «Silence the Echoes» through the Italian label Danza Ipnotica. Atrox´ debut album «Mesmerized» came out in 1997 and was released by the legendary Norwegian label Head Not Found.
Atrox’ 2nd («Contentum»1999) and 3rd («Terrestrials»2001) albums were released through Season of Mist. The music presented on these releases was more melodic and experimental/avant-garde metal.
The 4th album, «Orgasm» was released in 2003 by Code666. After that release, our singer Monika Edvardsen left the band in 2004 and Rune Folgerø claimed the mike and revitalised the band with a completely new and masculine approach. Runes streamlined but still eccentric vocal expression is likely to make "Binocular", our latest release,to reach a much broader audience than any of the previous endeavours.

Metalfan: This year you have released a new studio album "Binocular", why did took you so long to put out a new album?
Tor: After our break-up with Monika in 2003/2004 we had to sit down and figure out where to go next. A new female singer? Male singer? Etc.etc. We had to find the ”right” line up to create the chemistry we wanted and that happened first when Rune Sørgård (original guitarist from Mesmerised to Terrestrials) came back from Sweden in 2005.Then we had the right “spark” to create again. And of course  we had to find ourselves a new record deal since Code666 did not want to collaborate further after Monika left the band. We recorded pre-prods and finally got a deal again with Season of mist. Other reasons was also that some of us in the band at times were occupied with other projects such as Tactile gemma and Manes.

Metalfan: Do you see it as a step forward in your discography or as a step in a new dimension?
Tor: I guess you can say that a step forward and a step in a new dimension is the same thing. The sound is a bit different of course since we have incorporated some futuristic electronic sci-fi sounds in the music (…forward and in a new dimension;), and obviously the changes in the vocal department, but it is still Atrox for sure!!

Metalfan: Every time I listen again the album, I find again, and again new things on it, I would simple describe it as organic. How would you describe it?
Tor: Well you hit the spot there! When we started writing the material to Binocular we had a little note on our forehead that said: retrofuture! That was an exiting goal to reach, but really nothing more than that. And since we incorporate electronics (future) in our music  we had to do something to balance out that. Our keyboard-player at the time Per had a love for vintage sounds (retro) so he used a lot of those noises. That blend in sound really fitted the songs in a nutshell! The result as you say is quite organic, exiting and a bit industrial.

Metalfan: You have released just five albums in twenty years, it is more or less? You feel that you've could done more or something better?
Tor: Well you know what they say…l ess is more... hehe.  But thats aside: Atrox have always been somewhat troubled with a lot of line-up changes, and this has resulted in some delays getting songs finished. It takes time to constantly having to rehearse with new people and teaching them the songs. But I guess you can call us perfectionists, at least in the sense that we never let anything just slip by without first having thought hard and long about it. There are no musical coincidences on the new album, it all planned and thoroughly constructed to fit the plan. On this album Rune Sørgård have written most of the songs. The process of getting a song from his head on to an album involves at least four stages. First he work  very long with a new song before he present it to the rest of us, I guess while he is working with a new song it get played about 300 times, so it has to be a good song to come through the needle eye and out to the next level.
Secondly comes the rehearsal stage, here we collectively arrange and adjust the song to get a more perfected sound for the song. Very often this is the part of production where vocals will be applied. After rehearsing comes pre-production. Rune S. record all the instruments and go back to he’s computer to start mixing the mechanic and organic sounds together.
Finally comes the recording and mix in studio. Since we already have set all the details for sound and constructed the song in forehand, the recording phase in studio is done quickly. As always, the mixing and producing of the album is what takes most time in the studio. As you can see, getting a Atrox-song ready is a long and hard road to walk down. But of course it rewarding in the end and a lot of fun during the process. Having said this, I would like to state that it will not be 5 loooong years to the next release. We are already long into the preproduction of the next album, so I guess we’ll have a finished product by the end of this or early next year.



Metalfan: "Binocular" is your third album released at Season of Mist after the experience from 2003 with Code 666. What made you choose Season of Mist again?
Tor: well, as I mentioned earlier Code did not want to extend our deal, so we had to search for a new label. We have always kept in touch with Michael at Season, so when we had recorded our pre-prod it was only natural to send it to him .  And that paid of ?! Since our  last period with them Season has grown to be one of the bigger and professional metal-labels in the world, so we are happy!!

Metalfan: Through time, Atrox has changed line-ups over and over again, I could say with people for three bands, would you like to release in the future an double CD and to invite every past member to play on some tracks?
Tor: Hehe. Damn right. We counted the previous members and found out that we actually could stumble up three soccer-teams!! As for a double cd, I don’t think we will do that, but we have talked about doing something special in two years time when the band have a 20-year anniversary. To gather all the ex-members for an all night long Atrox session playing songs from the whole history of Atrox.

Metalfan: Also a thing that I've noticed is that even if you play for twenty years, you haven't released yet a DVD, do you thing that the right time for such thing might be near or not?
Tor: Well those things costs money, and I think that such a project are “reserved” for more selling bands. But that said, something might happen in near future.

Metalfan: Ok, let's return to "Binocular", please tell me who signed the production for this album?
Tor: This time as well as the previous album “Orgasm” we went in the studio: Skandsen Lydstudio and produced the album with Stein Bratland. We call him Stein “evil” Bratland actually since he is the person most used by metal-bands in Trondheim. He is quite a headbanger by now..he he!

Metalfan: Also please tell us more things about the artwork. Who designed and how important do you think that it is for an album, now talking in general?
Tor: We are very satisfied with the artwork since it reflects what Binocular is about: retro-future. The cover is made “the old way” with pictures painted on and prosessed by Rune Folgerø,  our vocalist. These paintings have then been taken in the digital world and worked with “the new way”. It has been a conscious way to get a certain look with mix of old and modern. Retro-future! If you take a binocular and watch closely you might see something more than with the first quick look!



Metalfan: What is the most requested song when you play live? Also do you have a song that is very special for you and just can't wait to play it?
Tor: For some reason Headrush Helmet is a crowdpleaser, also No coil for Tesla! For me and I know the other guys also Castle for clowns is a bit special since it was the first song we made and rehearsed together with electronics!

Metalfan: I know that you also are a butcher and a business man, could you tell us more about this?
Tor: Well, I love to slice and dice bulls;)! I also rent out apartments.That’s it really… hehe! Investments is a good thing!

Metalfan: What is the first thought that hits your brain when you wake up in the morning?
Tor: YESS!! Boning beef again:)!... And my very good friend Janne Mari;)!

Metalfan: Also, do you remember any funny fact or embarrasing moment that happend when you were playing with Atrox?
Tor: Oh hell… where to start… Once we played in Bergen, Eivind’s amplifier broke down during a concert at the same time as the drumkit I played on rumbled down… that was quite embarrasing!! To get the time pass by, our bass player told jokes from stage… That’s metal!! Also recently the same bass-player when we played in Holland greeted the crowd with:”Hello Africa”…..

Metalfan: I know that you listen jazz-fusion, if you have to choose for example, between Cynic and Mahavishnu Orchestra, who would win?
Tor: Hehe.Easy… Cynic!! My favorite band ever…

Metalfan: This year they will release also at Season of Mist, the second album, and I know that they will play a couple of shows with Opeth, would you like to go on tour with them?
Tor: Absolutely!! That whould have been a dream! Actually, we played with them at this years Prog-power festival Europe, and the guys are the nicest guys ever… so grounded!! Such an inspiration both on and of stage!.. Since we were the only Season bands on the festival, we arranged a Season nachspiel and it was a blast!!... Atrox and Cynic celebrating new friendship:)!

Metalfan: Any chance to see you here in Romania?
Tor: Hell yeah:).. Would most definitely come and play in count Draculas reich!!.....

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Tor. In the end would you like to send few words to our readers or to add something?
Tor: Thanx for reading this interview:)!CHEERS!! Have an excelent day!

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