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Atrocity: We really want to come back to Romania to PLAY!!!

Atrocity: We really want to come back to Romania  to PLAY!!!
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It has been a while since I’ve received news from the Atrocity headquarters. My suppositions that the band is very busy recording the new album proved to be correct. Despite this fact, Alex Krull was again very kind and eager to communicate. Scroll down!



Metalfan: Hello, Alex! It’s been quite a long time since we last talked. What have you been doing since the release of Atlantis?
Alex Krull: We have been touring a lot with Atrocity and our second group Leaves’ Eyes. And of course we are working on the new record and DVD.

Metalfan: What were the reactions from the press and fans, taking into account that Atlantis was quite an atypical album for Atrocity?
Alex Krull: The response was very good so far---from fans and press. I don’t know but I guess there’s not a “typical” Atrocity record, so I’m happy that people like what we are doing. Maybe some like more the brutal aspect and maybe some like the more melodic side but all in all we can see great reactions on the gigs through all of the songs.

Metalfan: You are known for being a band that doesn’t like to repeat itself when it comes to making new discs. What does change mean to Atrocity?
Alex Krull: For me it’s more important to call it “challenge” than “change”. I think it is important to have new goals if you are an artist. For example the WERK 80 II record won’t be just a follow up album.

Metalfan: I haven’t had the chance to ask you what is your involvement inside Napalm Records? Are you happy with it?
Alex Krull: Involvement? We are signed there with our bands, and it is going fine. I was working for Roadrunner Records as an A&R talent scout until December last year, maybe you mean that. So I never worked for Napalm Records haha

Metalfan: As a producer you get to know lots of interesting bands. Could you recommend some of the bands/albums you produced (metal and non-metal) to me?
Alex Krull: Only a few to mention: End of Green, Bloodflowerz, Elis, Midnattsol, Belphegor, Remember Twilight, Morgenstern, Luna Field, Sanguis et Cinis and many others. And of course Leaves’ Eyes, Liv Kristine and Atrocity.



Metalfan: How do you manage to find the time for everything, considering that you are a very busy person (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes, studio)?
Alex Krull: Sometimes I have the feeling that I should have more free time for the family. We are touring a lot at the moment and when we are coming home I’m very busy with Mastersound Entertainment, which means everything from studio to management. On the other side I can enjoy that way of life I have chosen myself, being a musician and traveling around the world and working together with other great artists. We played in over 35 different countries so far, so at least I can see a little bit of this planet haha…

Metalfan: Every person has its affinities. What do you enjoy the most, being with Atrocity or being with Leaves’ Eyes?
Alex Krull: I enjoy both of the bands---I wouldn’t do it if I would not love doing them both!

Metalfan: If you would be a fan with only 15 euros in his pocket, what album would you buy, the latest Atrocity or the latest Leaves’ Eyes? Motivate your answer.
Alex Krull: Haha, that’s a funny and tricky question. I think the best would be to let your musical taste choose, which means if you like angelic female voices combined with symphonic and folk elements and metal with some male growls you should get Leaves’ Eyes but if you like brutal bombastic and melodic Metal with male voices you should get an Atrocity album!

Metalfan: You are a band known for its connections with Romania (as far as I know, both you and Chris Lukhaup have/had some relatives out here). You have also filmed a video here about fifteen years ago. Aren’t you tempted to come back some time?
Alex Krull: We really want to come back to PLAY!!! There were many plans in the past years and it never happened which I find very sad. Hopefully there will be an opportunity in the near future it would be a shame if we wouldn’t play in Romania!


Metalfan:  The next question would be about your new album. What could you tell us about it?
Alex Krull: As I said we are working on the second WERK 80 album like we planned long ago. We have brought some new elements to the WERK 80 idea and for example there will be a symphony orchestra and a big choir on the album. This will be an awesome record!

Metalfan: Will it be in the vein of Atlantis or Gemini or will it turn its face to the roots of Atrocity?
Alex Krull: I guess you mean the next regular Atrocity release after the WERK 80 and there’s also a plan to work with my sister Yasmin again. So the next regular album will be the start of a very dark trilogy. We have already some great ideas for that, and I guess people who like the band through the years will die for that release!

Metalfan: When was the last time you’ve listened to one of your old albums (B.L.U.T., Todessehnsucht or Willenskraft)?
Alex Krull: We have played with Leaves’ Eyes in Oslo a couple days ago. I met some people telling me how much they love Atrocity. One guy told me he loves especially the “Todessehnsucht” album and it was such a big thing when it came out in 1992. He told me also that a lot of the influencing Norwegian Black Metal musicians loved the album as well like the debut “Hallucinations”. But on “Todessehnsucht” we sounded much darker more symphonic or Wagner influenced! So I listened to some great tracks like “Godless Years”, “Sky turned red” or “Necropolis” which we are still playing live from time to time. Great time back then…

Metalfan: What is your opinion about the actual metal scene in general and the German metal scene in special?
Alex Krull: Here in Germany we know many of the bands personally. If you are so long in the business it’s very hard not to meet somebody on a festival or tour haha We get along very well with everybody if these are Kreator, Destruction or Edguy or Crematory…. In general I would say it’s very good that there’s such a great variety in metal music, which is keeping the scene alive. Actually that’s what’s keeping Atrocity alive as well – it’s not all about success and record sales….

Metalfan: Now let’s talk a little about your future plans.
Alex Krull: As I said we will work on a dark trilogy, an idea that came up when we made the Atlantis record. I found it very interesting to do such a concept album, so let’s see what it would be this time. Also I like the idea very much to do something with Yasmin again! There is also the plan to re-release all the Atrocity records, and finally they will be back in the stores! And last but not least you can expect a very interesting DVD in the near future which has a lot of surprises for you!

Metalfan: In the end I would like to thank you for making this interview happen and wish you good luck in everything you do. A final thought for our readers?
Alex Krull: I would like to thank you for doing the interview and many greetings to the Romanian metal fans I hope we will see us in the future!!!


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  • ar fi cheara interesat un live Atrocity pe la noi pe acilea...mmm, tasty...

    1. Posted by Sip | 20 Iunie 2007 16:04
  • "Am vrea sa revenim in Romania si sa CANTAM!!!"
    Normal, ca turism vrand nevrand fac (o parte din ei) incoace ;)
    Isi mai fac veacu prin ROFA? :))

    2. Posted by slimey | 21 Iunie 2007 17:30

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