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Bjornar Erevik Nilsen (Vulture Industries): We had a great time, here in Romania

Bjornar Erevik Nilsen (Vulture Industries): We had a great time, here in Romania
BANDS : Vulture Industries

On the 16th of October (or, more likely, on the 17th, taking into account that our discussion took place around 2.30 hours in the night), during the mini-festival Labyrinthic Metal Evening, we had the pleasure to have an interesting chat with Bjornar Erevik Nilsen, the lead vocalist of the Norwegian band Vulture Industries.

Regarding the show that Vulture Industries put during the above-mentioned event, Mr. Nielsen stated that it was one of the best shows in a very long time, from both the band’s and the management’s points of view. The concerts mean some kind of a bi-directional way of communicating and, when the audience is participative, the band is also motivated to feel great and to give everything during the concert.
“It was fantastic. It was, probably, the most fun that we’ve had, so far. We had a really great time here in Romania. If the crowd is good, you can do a lot better show.”

During the song The Hangman’s Hatch, Vulture Industries’ vocalist put a noose around his neck and threw the other part of the rope in the audience. This part makes sense, especially taking into account the fact that the Norwegians’ latest studio album speaks (at least lyrically) about the victim-executioner relationship, but it still remains quite an unusual gesture.
 “It was the first time that I did this today and it went well. Maybe, if we have less friendly crowds, I will maybe think one or two times more before I do it, but today it went well.” 

We wanted to know more about the reason the members of the band chose to appear on stage with white shirts, office pants and black braces.

 “We want to do a show that relates to the music, a show as theatrical as the music is, and as dramatic as the music is. For now we’re doing this old school prison worker outfits.”

Two of the “vultures” played barefoot. We were curious to find out why, we’ve made some digging and found some interesting things.
 “Actually, we started out playing in suits, and I didn’t have any shoes that matched the suits, so instead of using jogging shoes or whatever, I thought barefoot is an ok option. You’ve noticed that I was playing barefoot and that’s probably a good thing, so I’ll continue playing barefoot.”

Vulture Industries’ future live activity.
“This is a one time show for this mini-festival, but we’re going on tour later this month, together with Taake, Helheim and we’ll be visiting some interesting places, also Timisoara. I’ve talked to a lot of people after the show today, and a lot of people will come to Timisoara also.”

As Vultures Industries have just released their second studio album, The Malefactor’s Bloody Register, we were interested in finding out more about the feedback received from both the fans and the publications.
“Mostly good, some bad, but we were expecting both really, because it is a different album from the first album, but we are ourselves very happy with it and most of the feedback has been very good. Also some shitty feedback, but that was what we were expecting. I you want do something that moves people, some people will also hate it.”

The band’s two albums are quite different from one another. Bjornar Erevik Nilsen shares our opinion.
“The first one is more immediate, the melodies are clearer and easier to get, I think, and the new one is slightly heavier and more progressive and also, I think, better arranged. I produced it, I run a home studio.”

About going out on tours and the relationship with the bosses.
 “I am my own boss, so that is not a big problem.”

The drummer Tor Helge Gjengeda has an interesting job.
“I’m the drummer. I have to work for a living, I am a nurse in psychiatry. I work only nights, so I work like 11 nights a month, so I get vacations. ”

About some of the bands that played on the gig, only best wishes!
 “I’m really disappointed in the Nightingale people. They are a great band and play a great music, but they played too long and I think that is really disrespectful on the fellowmen, the Swedish band Shining, it’s almost 2 hours later than planned. Shame on them!”

Good mentality makes for good music.
“I think there is a very good mentality in Norway towards making new stuff. If you do something that’s been done before, it’s thrown upon. You have to do something different to get some respect. It’s, generally, a very good atmosphere for making different things and for thinking outside the box in Norway, I think. ”

Metallic community in Norway.
 “There is a kind of metal community, but still it’s a very diverse community. It is a huge lot of individuals that are friends, but we don’t do the same things, we’re different but we respect each other and we have some drinks together now and then. Lots of individuals working more or less separately from each other, and that is probably the reason for a lot of different stuff coming out of Norway.”

Old and new musical influences.
“As a teenager… you wouldn’t want to know. My first gig was Suicidal Tendencies. I just saw Suicidal Tendencies at Hellfest Festival and it wasn’t very good. That was a bit of a downturn for me. For now, my top influences and top artists for like the last 10 years are Devil Dolls from Slovenia/Italy and Tom Waits from the States.”

Similarities with Arcturus.
“We see that a lot and my voice has a quite distinct similarity with the first singer, so that’s natural, I don’t have a big problem with that. I think people have a tendency to overstate similarities, because there aren’t so many bands doing this. I don’t see that we have so many similarities, we have the experimental genre and my similarity of voice with their first singer and probably a little similarity in mentality towards what you can include in your music. I didn’t like their latest album, it was slightly boring. Vortex is a good singer, but I’m not sure he fits that band.”

Instead of goodbye.
“We love you all!”

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