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Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY): welcome to the death metal world

Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY): welcome to the death metal world
BANDS : Autopsy

Autopsy is a death metal machine and we want to discover its operating parameters. It seems that this machine has an old principle based on the following formula: as long as the mechanism works great, there is no need of improvement, it is all about maintenance. The death metal guys from California released this summer their sixth full length. Now you will find out by reading the lines below how Autopsy did nothing wrong when death metal is a power highly prevalent in this age, according to Chris Reifert.

Metalfan: Hello! Hope everything is cool with you, guys. I have just heard the new Autopsy song, Arch Cadaver, which is a brilliant one. I feel that the road under the “Autopsy” name will be a very long one and I thing you will release some more impressive materials. That is because I noticed an upward complexity of compositions. How do you see the future of Autopsy?

Chris Reifert: Doing fine here, thanks. As for the future of the band, we don't really have a blueprint for it... we're making it up as we go along as always. Stay tuned for the next twisted episode!

Metalfan: Can you tell me a definition for an "arch cadaver"?
Chris Reifert: Not in your dictionary, eh? Haha! I figure it's something like a "king of the corpses" or something like that. A member of the world of the dead who has the power to destroy the land and banish the living to eternal darkness.

Metalfan: Of course that the perception varies from person to person, but for me, the artwork for The Headless Ritual looks like a tremendous hell. Seems like many have to suffer. If this is so, who has to suffer in this world?
Chris Reifert: Hey, it's metal art and it shouldn't be pleasant, soothing or pleasing to folks who don't 'get it'. It has to match the music and give you a glimpse into the window of the sick world that the album as a whole is portraying. To me it is basically the embodiment of horror itself, but if anyone gets any other disturbing or unsettling feelings from it, then hey... even better!

Metalfan: How can you describe The Headless Ritual?

Chris Reifert: I'd rather leave that to the listener and viewer. It's a title that's open to interpretation. Just play the record, check out the cover art and see where it takes you.

Metalfan: Concerning the death metal scene, have you noticed some differences between 1995 and let’s say - 2010?
Chris Reifert: Mostly the fact that death metal has become a real force to be reckoned with and not some sort of trend that's here today, gone tomorrow. There's more people than ever into it these days and I don't see that as a bad thing. It's become a legitimate art form while still remaining an outlet for the outcasts and freaks of society. Welcome to our world!

Metalfan: Regarding any aspect, which one do you consider your best show from 2013?
Chris Reifert: Well it's hard to say since we're not done playing yet. Having said that, the two shows we did with Bolt Thrower and Benediction were fucking amazing and fuckloads of fun as well.
Great people, crushing bands, what else do you need?

Metalfan: What influences from other bands exist in Autopsy’s music? I find it much interesting to hear it from you.
Chris Reifert: At this point we don't really have any influences anymore. Autopsy's path has been layed out since way back when and we're simply adhering to the original vision. All our early influences still hold true, but I can't think of anything recent that I've heard that made me say "I want to sound like that".

Metalfan: How about the atmosphere from the studio recording the new album?

Chris Reifert: Lots of empty whiskey bottles and beer cans provided the atmosphere. Haha! Otherwise, we were hell-bent on making the most devastating album possible, and that was the main focus.

Metalfan: Unfortunately, I never saw Bolt Thrower live. How is to see them? Because you shared a few times the stage with these guys. I imagine that the crowd can be confounded with a war hostages gathering.
Chris Reifert: They are amazing, heavy as hell and sound at least as good as their albums live. Great crowds too and the shows were sold out. Fuck yeah!

Metalfan: What is your favourite piece from the old school horror? It can be cinematography related as well as literature.
Chris Reifert: Can't pick just one, but theres a handful of favorites that I always go back to. These days I enjoy Brian Keene and Richard Laymon'sstuff quite a bit. Some great horrifying stories there!

Metalfan: How can you define and create sickness? How do you see the Autopsy’s evolution?
Chris Reifert: We always try our best to create sickness. Isn't that what a death metal band should do? As for defining, that's something that everyone probably has their own opinion on. You can take a band like Autopsy and call it sick, or you can see a politician on television and call that sick as well. Autopsy can't evolve too much, otherwise it wouldn't be Autopsy any more. We prefer to stick to our sound,while still adding interesting twists and turns to keep it from getting stale. That's the constant challenge, and it's one we're always ready to dive into.

Metalfan: If you would have to choose between an open air show or indoor, where would you like to play most?
Chris Reifert: They both have their pros and cons. It's been cool for us since we're gotten to do both and I can honestly say we haven't had a bad show yet. Cheers to all the sickos who have helped the gigs be so insane!

Metalfan: Who do you consider the greatest artist on the world? Why?
Chris Reifert: Can't pick just one, honestly. We're talking centuries of artists to consider, so there's no way to give a good answer to that.

Metalfan: Do you believe that aliens exist? What do you think about the outer space?
Chris Reifert: Why not? Maybe I've met some but didn't know it. It's possible, eh?

Metalfan: Now, thank you for letting us the honour to talk to you. In the end I would like you to build a very short horror story. Or if you want to invent a long one, I have nothing against, I will be glad to discover the free mind of an autopsy doctor. P.S.: No required standards and no critics needed!

Chris Reifert: Hey, when do you want this interview done, anyways? Haha! Thanks for your  time and support. Cheers!!!

Foto: Courtney McCutcheon

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