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Eric Forrest (E-FORCE): One of these days I am going to ask Away when the Voivod, Newstead, E-Force tour can happen...

Eric Forrest (E-FORCE): One of these days I am going to ask Away when the Voivod, Newstead, E-Force tour can happen...
BANDS : E-Force

Metalfan: First of all, hello and thank you for accepting this interview. How are the shows from the tour going so far?
Eric Forrest: Thank you! So far so good. We have just done three shows and do another 23 shows starting tommorrow... It feels good to finally be back in the game after a few years have past. We have added another guitar player for live shows, as in two guitar players....Xav and Franck.

Metalfan: The Curse has been in works for quite some time, so what can we expect from your new album?

Eric Forrest: Well you can expect a thrash and roll type album, songs etc.+ our new guitarist XAV......+ some special guests:Glen Drover/Vincent Agar and Kristian Niemann. It's taken a while but we are happy to finally release anew album and tour. you can expect a lot of "shreddzilla" solos... haha. If you take the voivod influence and the best ideas from the other eforce albums, voila... its all good!

Metalfan: Are there notable differences in style and sound from your earlier releases?
Eric Forrest: Same type formula with a little black metal to the mix... fans of the other work, I , we have done, will not be dissapointed, I can assure you!

Metalfan: Can you tell us more about the concept of The Curse?
Eric Forrest: It's basically about temptation/obsession of the female race... It's about what some guys (and girls) will do to get a piece of the pie, lets just say... crimes of passion, the good bad and the ugly. Some songs are inspired and influenced by real life drama, such as Perverse Media is about the DSK scandal, Awakened is about the TIGER WOOD $ story, and Witch Wrek is about the Phil Hartman tragedy... others are for the listener to figure out. However, this relates to anyone who has been in or is in a relationship... pros and cons, a lot of people can relate...

Metalfan: It seems like the name and concept of the album will cause some controversies. Any worries regarding that?
Eric Forrest: Not at all! This is 2014 so nothing new just my version, vision of it. It is suppose to be contriversal, that was the whole idea... especially the artwork... haha!

Metalfan: I heard that you have some guests appearing on The Curse. Could you tell us about them and how did this collaboration started? How is the new line-up coming along?

Eric Forrest: Yes, Glen Drover(ex-Megadeth/ex-King Diamond) is a friend of mine, as is Kristian Niemann (ex-Therion) and Vincent Agar... I co-wrote some bonus tracks on the Modified Poison album (Tim, Kevin of Project Failing Flesh), Alex Colin Tocquine of Aggressor, and an unreleased Voivod song as a tribute to Piggy), so this time I wanted  shredd fest, and it is just that. We have a new guitarist XAV  + a 2nd touring guitarist  Franck, everything is going very well... great spirit, great players.


E-FORCE 2014: Christophe Beard "Krof", Eric Forrest, Jérôme Point

Metalfan: There’s a wide variety of genres that I find mixed in the sound of E-FORCE. Considering that, what are your influences as a musician?
Eric Forrest: Well I guess you could say old school thrash and roll... add a little Wichery / Cradle of Filth to the mix, et voila! I am a fan of all kinds of styles but compose and play what I've do best. Heavy thrash metal.

Metalfan: You’ve been involved in music for many years. How do you feel the music industry is evolving nowadays (good or bad and why)?
Eric Forrest: Very difficult these days: downloading, lack of $ etc. Now you have to pass labels a completed master where as before we got $ advance to record. But what are you going to do? Complain? Or ROCK!Haha! Its difficult for many artists but, thats life, on with the show.

Metalfan: Do you still listen to new metal/rock releases? Care to share with us your favorite albums?
Eric Forrest: There is alot of talented acts but alot of it sounds the same. So many bands, not enough fans. The market is so oversaturated so your band has to offer something good but thats life... I am still a big fan of Deep Purple, AC/DC, Iron Maiden etc etc... Back in Black (1980), Highway to Hell (1979), Machine Head (1972), Killers (1981) to name a few of my favorites... I am a big fan of Witchery, why this band is not huge? I don t

Metalfan: Do you have any plans to release a video for the new album?

Eric Forrest: Yes later this yr we will put something together, time and $ will tell...

Metalfan: Could you tell us about your other projects?
Eric Forrest: I did three Project Failing Flesh albums. Perhaps another one, sometime soon... I highly recommend it! World class quality stuff! Even Mille (Kreator) told me he likes it as did Glen Drover... hearing this come from these guys says a lot! I sing in a few cover bands here in France for $ which is  a lot of fun!

Metalfan: Do you still keep in touch with the guys from Voivod?
Eric Forrest: Yes of course! I joined them at the Hellfest in 2009 and sang Tribal Convictions with Snake which wa alot of fun... Krof and I had dinner with them in Paris a few years ago so its all good to be honest... We are still friends and support each others music etc. One of these days I am going to ask Away when the Voivod/Newstead/E-Force tour can happen... haha not sure but it's a nice thought.

Metalfan: Do you find the time to keep in touch with news and such? Any thoughts about what’s going in Ukraine at the moment?
Eric Forrest: Yes I have seen a little of the Oscar pistorius situation on cnn....This story fits perfect with The Curse concept! Haha
Ukraine? My God unfuckin' believable... It's amazing why some people can't just live and enjoy life the best way they can... However, $/greed/power is nothing new unfortunently... c'est la vie.

Metalfan: If you want to send a message to Romanian metalheads, this is your chance:
Eric Forrest: Looking forward to play in Romania very soon! Hope to see you all at the shows. Thanks for the support! I, we, really appriciate it! Thanks!
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