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HAIL OF BULLETS: for the love for old school death metal

HAIL OF BULLETS: for the love for old school death metal
BANDS : Hail of Bullets


Metalfan: Hello Paul! How are things going lately with Hail of Bullets?
Paul Baayens: Hey Hellhammer! We’re doing great at this moment. Two years ago we only could hope what’s happing now. Signed a big label, having a lot of attention from media and press, having great review and of course we’re very proud of our first album which will see the light on May the 19th.

Metalfan: Who had the idea to form Hail of Bullets? Could you make a short history of the band for our readers?
Paul Baayens: Hail of Bullets was formed because the band members share their love for old school death metal and bands like Massacre, Autopsy, Celtic Frost and Death. Guitarist Stephan Gebedi always wanted to make some noise with his good pal Ed Warby. They know each other for decades. Theo was a band member of Thanatos in 2000/2001 but stayed in close contact. In 2005 we met Martin at a show with his former band Death by Dawn. He also showed interest in playing old school quality death metal, which is cool because with his sick voice it sounds really brutal. 11th of November 2006 we came together, had a serious drinking session and the first plans for the Hail of Bullets assault were made.

Metalfan: Do you think that Hail of Bullets is a super group? Why?
Paul Baayens: In a certain way for people it is. We’re all experienced musicians, and all are busy in the metalscene for quite a while. Martin van Drunen is also known as ex-Pestilence, Ex- Bolt Thrower member, Theo took care for the bass in Houwitser and Thanatos for several years, Ed is drummer in Gorefest, Ayreon and did many other projects. Stephan and I are axemen in the thrash/death band Thanatos. Martin and I are now also active in the mighty Asphyx.

Metalfan: Please explain us the meaning of the bands name, Hail of Bullets?
Paul Baayens: Hail of Bullets means something like ‘a rain of bullets’. It fits the lyrics perfectly as they are about WWII.

Metalfan: From what I know the theme of the album is about the German - Soviet war (1941 - 1945), could you tell us more about?
Paul Baayens: Especially Martin and I are into the Second World war. The first part of the album, the content of the lyrics are seen from the German point of view. But after a few songs, the point of view changes into the Russian point of view. Martin read a lot of books, searched the internet and watched movies for verification before writing the lyrics. He did an excellent job



Metalfan: What are you views regarding communism and Nazism? Do you agree with any of them?
Paul Baayens: I want to state we’re nothing to do with politics in Hail of Bullets. In the lyrics Martin only used pure historical facts.

Metalfan: What do you think about war?
Paul Baayens: ince WWII we’re remembering the fallen, but since then - after more than 60 years - there wasn’t been a day without war somewhere in the world! Probably mankind will not change, probably the root of all evil is embedded in our own brains. So there’s enough inspiration for future lyrics!

Metalfan: What song from ...Of Frost and War took the longest time to write?
Paul Baayens: All songs came pretty quickly, as if it felt natural and easy. We all contributed to the song writing, but Ed came up with most of the songs. All songs were written at our homes, recorded them as a demo, tabbed it and mailed it to the rest of the band for arrangements. So we were fully prepared; it took only a few rehearsals before we were able to enter the studio.

Metalfan: Please tell us who has designed the artwork of the album?
Paul Baayens: A friend of ours, Mick Koopman, is a graphical designer. It was a honour for him to do the artwork and lay-out. He worked fast and exactly knew what we wanted. Mick did a great job! He also designed our logo and our shirts!

Metalfan: Do you see Hail of Bullets as a side project or as a full time band? Do you think that playing with Hail of Bullets will bring to the split-up of Thanatos?
Paul Baayens: Nice question Hellhammer! Frankly, Thanatos was recording a new album in February 2006. We wanted to put the band on ice to make some time free for Hail of Bullets right after some summerfestivalshows. But the band always seems to have bad luck. Our Greek label split up right when we’re in the studio. The studio couldn’t be paid and so the recordings session took much more time than we expected. Still, Thanatos haven’t signed yet an other and a more capable label. It is strange to have a great album in our hands, but so far it isn’t released in this era when people are into thrash metal again.



Metalfan: What are your favorite 10 old school death metal albums?
Paul Baayens: I don’t have a all time favourite top list of death metal albums. It mostly differs from time to time.
Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness
Asphyx – The Rack
(of course)
Pestilence – The first two albums
Thanatos – Emerging from the Netherworlds (so I’m playing in bands I really like)
Napalm Death – Mentally murdered
Obituary – Slowly we rot
Possessed –
Seven churches
Crustacean – Murderfuck 666
… actually there are too many to name

Metalfan: What is the most important thing in death metal? Why?
Paul Baayens: Looking evil, wearing black shirts and boots. Ha! Ha! No… for me real death metal has to be played intensely and in brutality. It’s not about playing 666 notes in a second, but it’s about the power of the guitar riff and heaviness and intensity of the drums together with characteristic vocals.

Metalfan: You will go on tour to promote ...Of Frost and War? Would you like to play in Romania, would be any chance to see you here?
Paul Baayens: That would be great, to make a hell of a party in Romania! We’ll do some great shows this summer and at the end of the year. We can’t wait to go on stage and play the songs live. 

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Paul. In the end would you like to send few words to our readers?
Paul Baayens: Thanks Hellhammer! Hope to see you all in the near future. Check out internet site of for news, merchandise, show dates and more. Cheers!

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  • Yahhhhhhhh greii raman mereu la inaltime. Albumul e traznet mai ales pentru cei ce au iubit deathul anilor 80'90 e o adevarata incantare ! Unde apar profesionisti e clar ca iese ceva bun ! FELICITARII !

    1. Posted by Dan | 28 Mai 2008 13:00

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