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Interview with Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR, AMEBIX)

Interview with Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR, AMEBIX)
BANDS : Amebix, Stone Sour

Metalfan: Hello Roy and welcome to Metalfan! How are things going lately?
Roy Mayorga: Things are awesome....Can't complain.



Metalfan: From what I've heard from an interview with Corey Taylor, I know that you are curently wrinting music for a new Stone Sour album. How are things going so far?
Roy Mayorga: So far the ideas I have I'm pretty happy with and the band is as’s definitely gonna add another style and element to the band. I think everyone will be pretty surprised and happy with the next Stone Sour record.

Metalfan: How do you think that it gonna sound? It will be more hard rock or more alternative rock oriented?
Roy Mayorga: It will definitely still have the rock vibe but I think it will also have a darker side with melody and a little heavier ......thats what the songs sound like to me

Metalfan: Which music do you think is more complex, more harder to play between hard rock and alternative rock? Why?
Roy Mayorga: Well with hard rock and alternative to me that requires good feel and a good ear.  A style like what Meshuggah has is definitely most complexed...ha ha.
I'm loving the new album ObZen.....It’s incredible.  Thomas Haake plays absolutely amazing on this record.  My choice track off the record is Bleed. (sic) (sic) (sic)



Metalfan: In 2006 was released the second Stone Sour full-lenght album, also the first album with you on drums, Come What(ever) May. What do you feel about this album?
Roy Mayorga: I feel great about this album due to the fact it was so different to any album I ever made before in style of music and drumming. Recording process for me on this record was different then usual.
I got called in to record/learn the songs right then and there in the studio, 16 songs in four days/10 hours a day/ I didn't know anyone in the band was like being thrown in the lions den....ha was an awesome experience.  Never I thought afterwards I would be asked to join and have me a new band of brothers.

Metalfan: Which is your favorite song from it? Why?
Roy Mayorga: Reborn - only because that was the first track I recorded and it was a first take.

Metalfan: How it will be the new album if you compare it with Come What(ever) May?
Roy Mayorga: Well you can't compare an already made album to one that doesn't exist yet....ha ha. It’s still in the works. Ask me again in a couple years.

Metalfan: Some time ago I've made an interview with your mate, Rob „the Baron” Miller from Amebix. How are thigs going with Amebix in the last time? Are you working on a new album?
Roy Mayorga: Things are great...We're talking about starting a tour in Jan 09 in the States and so on.......Rob and Stig are working on new material....I'm writing new songs to contribute as well....sounding very tribal/heavy.........sounds like a bunch of Orcs marching across the fields in middle earth...ha ha. "Medieval Punk/Metal"!!!!!


Stone Sour


Metalfan: Rob said that he would like to play in Romania in 2009, would you like to come in Romania with Amebix?
Roy Mayorga: Absolutely, in fact we would love to do a whole tour of the Eastern block of Europe.

Metalfan: You are working on new music with Amebix, how would you describe the new songs in compareing them with the old Amebix tunes?
Roy Mayorga: Well the new songs will have some of the old elements of Amebix like the heavy/dissonant guitar sounds of Stig, eerie keybords, heavy tribal drumming and the glass gargling voice  of Rob "the Baron"....We're basically gonna take it from where they left off and make it stronger/heavier and even more epic.

Metalfan: In the late '80s and early '90s you've played in Nausea, would be there any chance to bring back togheter that band? Amebix have reunited after 20 years...
Roy Mayorga: No unfortunately......John John (bass player) and I few years ago talked about doing a couple shows when the Nausea Punk Terrorist Volume 1 CD came out, but no one else seemed to be into the idea of revisiting.....oh well-nice attempt, nice thought. I miss performing with them very much and as people. I hold that time I had with them very close to my heart.




Metalfan: Which is your favorite album from your career? Why?
Roy Mayorga: I really don't have a favorite only because I feel that they are all special.....they all mark a chapter in my life. But now thinking of it -if I had to choose it would be my first album..... Nausea – Extinction.

Metalfan: Where do you see yourself in the history of music? Why?
Roy Mayorga: I suppose an outside individual would have a better opinion on that subject than me...I just don't sit around and wonder about that kinda stuff really.

Metalfan: I know that you also work as a producer. Can you tell us more about this?
Roy Mayorga: Yeah...I started out on producing 13 years ago. Sepultura was my first. I produced a remix of Refuse/Resist called Chaos B.C. 1995, after that I had my first full length album by a band called The Spitters - Sun to Sun -1995 (PCP Records)
and various demos of local L.A. bands. Co-production on Roadrunner United album. But most of the time I would spend time in producing my own material.
I also do alot of work with filmscoring.....Shudder is my latest score.  It’s a  film with horror legends Gunar Hansen and Edwin Niel of  Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s just came out and can be found on  Another previous film I worked on is called Legion.
I'm actually working on producing a solo record due to come out next year so keep your ears out for it.

Metalfan: Did you know that Benediction will include on their next full-lenght, Killing Music, a cover for the song Largactyl from Amebix? What do you think about that?
Roy Mayorga: I'm sure it will sound great....can't wait to hear it.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Roy. In the end would you like to send few words to our readers or to add something?
Roy Mayorga: Thanx for having me....hope to see everyone soon in Romania.....I can't wait.  =) Peace.


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