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John Tardy (OBITUARY): Ronnie James Dio of death metal

John Tardy (OBITUARY): Ronnie James Dio of death metal
BANDS : Obituary

Metalfan: Hello John and welcome to Metalfan!
John Tardy: Thanks!

Metalfan: In this summer Obituary will play for the second time here in Romania. What do you remember about the previous show of the band from 2005?
John Tardy: I remember a pretty good show and some pretty crazy fans. Hopefully it will be as good as last time.

Metalfan: Some bands like Metallica with The Black Album (1991), Megadeth with Rust in Peace (1990) and Slayer with Reign in Blood (1986) have played these albums live. Have you ever think to make a tour or just a couple of shows and play one of these albums Slowly We Rot (1989), Cause of Death (1990), The End Complete (1992) or World Demise (1994)?
John Tardy: Looks like we might be back in December and do exactly that. Should have comfirmation of a Tour any day. Not exactly sure buy maybe play all Slowly and Cause...not sure yet.

Metalfan: Which is your favorite Obituary album? Why?
John Tardy: I listen to our newest album Darkest Day the most but that is usally what happen with me. I like to listen to the newest stuff. But I still remember getting that first copy of Slowly We Rot and that was really special for me/us.

Metalfan: Obituary have gone through some line-up changes in the last years. The bass player Frank Watkins have leaved the band, Allen West have leaved again the band, and some other great musicians like Ralph Santolla and Steve DiGiorgio have played with the band. What can you tell us about this changes? About these great musicians?

John Tardy: I think our problems with Allen have been pretty well documented. Tuff thing to go through. Ralph took his place and he to just seemed to have to many things he wanted to do other that concentrate on Obituary. That was also hard to say goodbye as he is still a friend of ours. Steve Digiorgio is also a good friend who we invited out on a tour while Frank was having a baby, so that was kind of a planned thing. I would rather not comment too much about Frank. It is probably best to ask him what he is doing.

Metalfan: How it is Terry Butler as a band member? How do you think that is for him to be part of Obituary after he played for a couple of years with such other great bands like Death, Six Feet Under and Massacre?
John Tardy: Terry is awesome and having him in the band is like bringing your brother with you. We have know him since grade school and we couldn't be happier. Feels like he has been with us since the beginning.

Metalfan: Which is your favorite album from Death, Six Feet Under and Massacre?
John Tardy: Scream Blood Gore, Haunted and the Massacre demo...all stuff from the beginnging!

Metalfan: I know that this year Obituary will release the ninth studio album. Who is in charge with the production? How are going the recordings so far?
John Tardy: We are really taking our time with this album and not in any hurry to finish. What we do have done is so awesome...really, really heavy! We thought is was going to be done this year but with all the touring we have been doing next year is probably more likely. We will record the album ourselves, like we have done with the last few releases and then probably take it to Mark Prator to do the mix.

Metalfan: Could you tell us few words about the songs from this album? Some song titles?
John Tardy: Not yet. Still to early in the writing stage to talk about. Sorry.

Metalfan: If you have to convince Scott Burns to work again with Obituary on a new album, which is the most sick thing that you would do?
John Tardy: Ha. Well, I talk with Scott Burns all the time and 1) he is not producing anymore 2) all I have to do is ask for his help and he would be there. He is a great friend and will always have our memories to look back at.

Metalfan: Earlier we have speak about the ex-members of the band. Would you like to release a DVD like Motorhead with all the guys that have played in the band?
John Tardy: No. Working with some of the guys is just not gonna happen. We have too many other things we can do. A birthday party show? I am not big on birthday party...

Metalfan: I know that you and Donald are also involved in another band called Tardy Brothers. How are the things going with the band?
John Tardy: That is just a project that Donald Tardy and I work on from time to time. We have some new songs we are working on, but right now Obituary is so busy that will have to wait.

Metalfan: In 2009 you have released the debut album called Bloodline. How do you see now the album?

John Tardy: I love it. It was so much fun to do and I think is came out pretty good. It is me and DT so it would have to sound a little bit like Obituary but I feel it is so different. Lots of different rythems that Obituary could not do, and not sound like we are changing too much, and so many solos that would also make Obituary feel too diffferent. We were lucky to have five different guitar players jam on it and it is fun to listen to.
Metalfan:In Tardy Brothers music I've found a lot of influences from heavy metal bands and musicians such as Dio, Rainbow, some Judas Priest and a lot of death metal. What do you think about this bands?
John Tardy: Dio is the man, love him and anything he does. One of the best singers ever. Not a huge Judas Priest fan but all the respect in the world and I have meet Rob and he is a great guy. I really don't hear the influence that you do but it is all good. Being compared to those bands is a honor!

Metalfan: Speaking of Dio, did you had the chance to meet Ronnie James Dio? How important was he for the heavy metal evolution?
John Tardy: I did get to meet him, once, and I will never forget it. He was so nice and down to earth. I absolutely love Dio and what he did for music, not just metal, will never be forgotten. HE IS THE MAN!

Metalfan: Just like Ronnie for heavy metal, I think that for death metal you  have an unique voice. Which is your secret? How hard is to sound different?

John Tardy: Thank you. Not really sure. Probably more lucky than anyting although it is a lot of work and really hard on long tours. I think we just came out at the right time and were lucky early on that Donald, Trevor and I just came up with our own sound.

Metalfan: What do you think of the bands from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal? Do you have any favorites? Why?

John Tardy: I am stuck in the past and love old metal. What can I say. Slayer, Venom, Possessed, Frost... take me back...

Metalfan: Could you tell us three songs that you will play in this summer here in Romania with Obituary?
John Tardy: ...close your eyes if you don't want to see this... Find the Arise, The End Complete and Til Death!

Metalfan: Thank you for your time John! In the end would you like to add something or to send few words to our readers?
John Tardy: Thanks again and just let me know if you need anything else. Looking forward to getting to Romania again!!! Thanks for all the support.
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  • I can't wait to see Obituary's live stream concert Saturday, June 8 watch it here

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