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LAKE OF TEARS: ... of moons and mushrooms

LAKE OF TEARS: ... of moons and mushrooms
BANDS : Lake of Tears

To make the waiting until 8th September more bearable, we tried to offer you a funny interview with Lake of Tears, while still reaching some more serious topics like the last album, Moons And Mushrooms. Since Daniel Brennare was on his way to the sunny Croatia, I managed to catch Johan Oudhuis, who had just came back from a trip in Amsterdam. So read an interview full of laughter, moons and mushrooms...



Metalfan: Hello Johan! How are things going for Lake Of Tears since the concert you had in Romania last year?
Johan: Well, after that we made one tour through Ukraine and Russia, a lot of gigs... And then we played in Greece and then we also did a new album, the Moons and Mushrooms one.

Metalfan: There's no secret that you fully enjoyed your stay in Romania. Can you give us more details about what it meant for you to be here?
Johan: It meant a lot, 'cause we've never been there and we haven't had any contact with Romania, didn't know what to expect and... the reception we've got was really warming, in every perspective. So, of course,  it was a really positive experience. And, yeah, the fans were really great there, so...
Metalfan: And they're expecting you right now...

Metalfan: So, what was the thing you liked most about our country and what was the thing you hated most, if any?
Johan: (laughs) Well, we didn't spend that much time there, so... it's really hard to say, you know? But what we liked of course was the people we met, the food we had (laughs)... you know what I'm talking about... [reference to the Romanian “delicacy” pizdulice,  that can be translated as cow-cunt]
Metalfan: Yeah (laughing), I know...

Johan: And the show and everything about that was great. And the bad things? I don't know... We didn't stay long enough to experience something bad, really. I'm sure there are some, but...
Metalfan: Maybe the traffic (laughs).
Johan: Yeah, the route from the airport was awful, anyway.

Metalfan: So what will be the first thing you'll do when you'll be back here in September?
Johan: Have a beer, I think. (laughs)
Metalfan: I was sure you were gonna say that!! (more laughter).
Johan: You were sure?? (laughs) Well, it's kinda' true, you know??
Metalfan: Yeah... (laughter again)

Metalfan: So, last year, I think, was the first time that Lake Of Tears went to Waken Open Air and some say that this is the best European festival there is... So, what did this mean for you? What were the expectations before the show and the impressions afterwards?
Johan: Errrr... Well, actually it wasn't the first time we've played at Waken...
Metalfan: No?
Johan: No, we played there in '97 also...
Metalfan: Oh... ok, didn't know that.
Johan: And that '97 show was then the biggest show we ever played, you know? So that was... we didn't expect anything, 'cause we haven't done that many shows by then, in Germany, so... But when we came out on stage the place was packed with Swedes and everyone was crazy, so... that was a special occasion. This last year it was good. The show was cool and everything and... yeah (semi-concealed laughing).

Metalfan: You left Black Mark for Noise Records and then Noise Records for Dockyard1. What were the reasons behind choosing Dockyard1 as your label?
The reason is that the people who signed us with Noise and who worked with us at Noise for Black Brick Road left the company and started Dockyard1, so we're really working with the same people now and that's - I guess - the main reason. They were the ones who got us together in the first place...

Metalfan: So I guess you're satisfied with the relation you have with them so far...
Johan: Yeah...

Metalfan: Let's talk a little about your new album Moons and Mushrooms. Some find the title quite intriguing and strange. Can you reveal some of the concepts behind the title – the moons and the mushrooms and... them together?
Johan: Well I think that's not really a great concept behind it, it's first and foremost a title that  lies good in your mouth (laughs) And also I think it captures something of the previous Lake of Tears spirit, in some way... You know, the mushrooms - that's kinda' what it's about... (laughs) It's a good to feeling title...
Metalfan: Ooook, so it doesn't mean anything actually...
Johan: Noooo... it means... moons and mushrooms... (laughs)



Metalfan: Can you say a few words about every song on the album, like how did you work on them, what they talk about and so on... If you can't remember all the songs I can tell them to you one by one...

Metalfan: So: Last Purple Sky.
That was one of the first songs we made for the album and it's been around for quite a while, so... And we always thought, from the first time we played it "yeah, this will be the opener". It was a natural Lake of Tears track.
Metalfan: Well, not quite natural, 'cause it's heavier than anything you've done before, in my opinion... I think it's really, really heavy.
Johan: Yeah, but that's something that has quite a lot to do with the production of the album, more guitar and a heavier sound. That's something that we wanted... we wanted a metal album this time (laughs)

Metalfan: You'd Better Breathe While There's Still Time?
Johan: Hmmm... what to say about that one?... It's one of our favorite tracks from the album, I'd say. We tried it out live in Germany last month. I'd think we would continue playing it...
Metalfan: So we'll hear it in Bucharest too?
Johan: Yeah, I can guarantee it.

Metalfan: Ok, then. Waiting Counting?
Johan: That was a song which we really referred to as the "Kent song". The Kent is a Swedish pop band - and it sounds quite much like them... we made it happier and... it's a mild track.

Metalfan: Like A Leaf?
Johan: That's in all our opinion probably the strongest track of the album. It's like a really good, complete song, you know? Every part just fits together and it's a nice flow to it, and with nice colors, I think. It's a great song.

Metalfan: And Children of the Grey?
Johan: That's the Black Sabbath tribute of the album... it's the "Children of the Grave", you know? Just a thing, not even meant anything, but hey, we wanted something a bit up tempo and this was also one of the older songs, we played it on the Russian tour a few times...
Metalfan: And in Greece...
Johan: Did we?
Metalfan: You did play it, I heard it...
Johan: Yes (laughs). Thanks for reminding me...

Metalfan: Head On Phantom?
Johan: This is a song which was mostly written by the producer, Christian Silver. He said he had a song that he thought would be really fitting Lake of Tears and not anything that he was involved with, so... we listened to it and we liked it. It ended up on the album.

Metalfan: Island Earth?
Johan: I think that's the disco track of the album (laughs). It would work quite ok on a dance floor, I think. I like the chorus of it.

Metalfan: And Planet Of The Penguins?
Johan: The title of the song originated from a course on a restaurant in Lvov, in Ukraine (laughs). It's a kinda' strange song and... I don't know what else to say about it, really...

Metalfan: How about the cover track that's a bonus on the limited edition? [Is There A Better Way] How did you choose to do it?
Johan: It's a Status Quo song from, I think, 1972 or something... I was at a friend's house and he went: "hey, you've got to listen to this, tell me what this is." And he played this track. I said "wow, this is great" and I couldn't figure out what it was. 'Cause we're not Status Quo fans.. I mean they've done a couple of good songs, but mostly they're... kinda' boring (laughs). So this one was... it really blew me away. I bought the album and played it to the other guys and they also, of course, really liked it. So we tried to make a cover, but... the drum is nothing (laughs). You should listen to the original one.
Metalfan: Ook, I'll try and find it.
Johan: It's a really good song. We don't quite do it justice, but... our version is ok, I guess. But you should be able to find it somewhere... a cheap second hand CD.



Metalfan: Ok... So, how were the reactions from the media and the fans so far for this album?
Johan: Well, as usual, the media is quite friendly with us. We usually get really good reviews and [we] also [got them] this time. But I think that... maybe... we had some really bad ones too (laughs). Not many, but some... and some people were writing in their reviews that we are kinda' like a love-or-hate band, so... I guess some people... hmm... hate us.

Metalfan: You know, that might be true... I've never heard of people being indifferent towards Lake of Tears. They either love you or they say what the fuck is this band, they don't play anything. Only these extremes, nothing in between, so I think it's true... really!
Johan: Yes, it could be something to it...

Metalfan: The album is quite different from your previous releases, both sound and music-wise. It seems more aggressive to me, more atmospheric. How did you get to this outcome? I mean it's a continuation of Black Brick Road, but also something more....
Johan: As we've been around for some time, we also looked back, you know... And an album like Headstones is much more metal than the Black Brick Road album. You hear more heavy metal and I think we wanted to return to that kind of thing. And also the previous albums were made partly on the computer, you know? Not "made" on, but written on. So this time we wanted to do it the way we did before, so the album was made in the rehearsal room, more or less, with bass, guitar and drums. That's probably why it has more of an - you called it - aggressive feeling, you know...



Metalfan: You said that your concert last year in Romania was "A trip from the most logical place to the most magical". What are your expectations for the show in September?
Johan: Oh, we are quite nervous about it....(laughs)
Metalfan: Why?
Johan: 'Cause it's such a big place and also because we have to follow up on Rage... And they are professional musicians - which we are not. But we'll see how it goes. But of course our expectations are high that this will be a really memorable evening for both us and audience, I mean.

Metalfan: Will you prepare something special for the show?
Johan: It will be the first time we ever try out some new songs, I think. And, yeah, we'll play a long set... trying to make everybody happy.

Metalfan: Can you pleeease play "The Homecoming"? (laughs) I was just joking, but I would just love to hear that song live.
Johan: (laughs)
Well, I will make the suggestion, but I cannot guarantee this will happen.
Metalfan: I know, I know, but I had to try...

Metalfan: Have you ever had the chance to play with Rage in the past?
Yes, we played with them in '96, on a tour called Summer Metal Meetings throughout Germany and one gig in Switzerland.

Metalfan: So what do you think about them? Do you know their albums? Do you like their music?
Johan: Hmmm... I know Daniel had some albums... like from the late eighties or something. But myself... I've never listened to them, really. I couldn't probably recognize them if I was played a song by them...
Metalfan: You'll see them anyway (laughs)
Johan: I've heard that they're a good band and that they are really great live...



Metalfan: Now let me draw the discussion to a more personal level: can you please describe yourself and each of the band members in just a few words?
Johan: Hmmmmm... This is tough... Let's see.... Michael I would say is a really slow and really down-to-earth guy. Daniel is.... (long pause) Daniel has gone from introvert to extrovert, lately... in the last years, I would say. Magnus is a satanist.
Metalfan: (laughs) No, really....
Johan: He really is (more laughter). In the true sense of the word. And... about myself... I don't know what to say...
Metalfan: Well... try.
Johan: I'm the weird guy, you know...

Metalfan: Regarding that, do you still have a diet consisting of cookies and ice cream that could possibly break anyone? (laughs)
Johan: Hehe... I think... Well, it varies... right now I'm on a diet of like one meal a day and it's on nuts and seeds... (laughs) A lot of sunflower seeds... So it varies, but I will probably fall back into the old habits again soon...

Metalfan: Have you ever tried to get in touch with a nutritionist? Maybe a blonde female named Jenna Jameson? She'd make you eat properly...
Johan: Yes, she would. Without a problem. (laughs)

Metalfan: Do you still like horror movies and shocking Asia-like documentaries?
Johan: Well, the interest has gone down the last couple of years... but for many years it was the major thing in my life, I think. You know, I had a really... half of my apartment was full of videotapes... But you know, you go through changes in tastes, you realize somewhere along the road that you've seen just about... enough.

Metalfan: What was the last album you bought?
Johan: Aaaaaa, let me look in that shelf... Uhmmm, it was probably Broken Bones with an album called Dem Bones. It's an English punk band from the early eighties...

Metalfan: There are some people who like to make fun of your band's name, calling you "Lake of Beers". What do you think about this?
Johan: (laughs) That is ok. Really... Hehe....

Metalfan: Ok, Johan, this was my last question, thank you very much for calling and doing this interview...
Thank you, thank you!
Metalfan: The last words belong to you, so please say something to the fans who will be there in September.
Johan: Oh, I hope we will create and spend a really special evening together with them again.

After a few more questions that Johan asked me about the show, about how the things are going with the production and everything, we wished each other a nice evening and I hung up the phone hoping that 8th September would come quicker.

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