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MANOWAR: Heavy metal keeps you in shape

MANOWAR: Heavy metal keeps you in shape
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Hail and Kill!

Metalfan:  You always declared yourselves defenders of the “true metal” and felt the need to wipe the infidels, the followers of the “false metal”, from the face of the earth. What genres of metal fall into this category? Which kind of metal do you label as “false”? Could you point out some bands for your fans?
Joey DeMaio: We don’t need to  name any names after seeing Manowar live the fans know who is true and who is false, but false metal is categorized as music made by posers who can create a studio album and can’t perform live, from the heart, with passion. False metal is also all about ripping off the fans. We would never make our fans pay to see a bad show. Our shows are not just concerts, they are events and they are inspired by and for the fans. That is what we call “True Metal.”




Metalfan:   Which one of Manowar songs do you think that it should be regarded by your fans as the Manowar anthem? Why?
Joey DeMaio: All of our songs are anthems and each one is a personal anthem to different people. Our fans sing every word of every song along with us at every show.  We are extremely proud when we hear the entire crowd chanting the chorus of our songs. Our songs provide them hope and strength and their energy and faith provides us with metal power.

Metalfan:  Ozzy Osbourne is regarded as the Prince of Darkness, Rob Halford is the Metal God and also "guilty" for bringing the leather outfit as an uniform for metalfans, Ronnie James Dio have the trademark “devil-horns” hand gesture and so on. How influential do you think that it is Manowar for the metal scene?
Joey DeMaio: Fans of true metal have named us the undisputed Kings of Metal. The fact that we have stayed true to our fans, true to our music, true to who we are has been influential.

Metalfan:   Dee Sneider of Twisted Sister said that most of the metal bands from the new wave fail to surprise the audience with their looks, with their attitude on stage. How do you comment?

Joey DeMaio: He is totally correct, most bands are very boring in look and sound. MANOWAR shows are a total metal experience. We play our music loud and proud, we always have an innovative first to present to our fans, we always surprise our audiences. There are bands that come and go and then there are bands that stand the test of time. MANOWAR has been around for a long time and we continue to get bigger and better. I guess that says everything about us and our fans.




Metalfan:   What is your secret to be always on shape when you go out on stage?
Joey DeMaio: Heavy metal keeps you in shape. Our fans inspire us and we don’t want to disappoint them by falling apart. Lifting iron and a steady diet of thunderbolts and lightning also helps. That’s metal and that’s our lifestyle.

Metalfan:  From what I've seen time after time, Manowar always tried to do everything bigger, louder, imposing. What is the next big think for Manowar?
Joey DeMaio: Right now we are on the brink of becoming a multi media conglomeration. Our latest project is a collaboration with Germany’s best selling fantasy author, Wolfgang Hohlbein. It revolves around Norse mythology and will be an ongoing project involving EP’s, CD’s, multi-lingual recordings and publications, books, interactive internet sites, video games, full length feature films. I don’t know too many metal bands that are doing that these days.

Metalfan:  You're recently recorded a new song in no less than 16 languages, to be premiered at Magic Circle Festival III on Saturday, July 18, 2009. How could you describe this experience?|
Eric Adams: This was an amazing experience. The song is called “Father” and is featured on the EP “Thunder in the Sky” which will be released this summer, along with a Bonus CD with this song in all 16 languages. For us it was an honor to do it as we have fans all over the world and we wanted to do something special for them by recording a song in their language. Our fans even helped in the process. They translated the songs and via SKYPE and webcams, were actually in the studio helping with the pronunciation while I was recording the version in their language. There is even a version in Romanian. Cool, eh?

Metalfan:  You are currently working together with German best selling fantasy author Wolfgang Hohlbein on a project called The Asgard Saga. Who had the idea of this collaboration and how did everything start?
Joey DeMaio: Wolfgang Hohlbein has always been a MANOWAR fan. When he decided to write this book, he knew that our music would be the perfect complement to the story and would be the perfect soundtrack for the film. The themes of our songs fall perfectly in line with the tales he writes about Norse mythology. The Asgard Saga will be an ongoing project and we hope to be working with Wolfgang on this for years to come.

Metalfan: The band is creating the music as Wolfgang Hohlbein is writing the story, so, you actually don't know where the story goes? How close are you following his progress, does he send you regularly what he is writing, do you have conversations about it, can you make suggestions about the script in order to better match the music?
Joey DeMaio: We are constantly in touch with Wolfgang on this project. We are fans of his writing and he is a fan of our music, so the work in progress is proceeding nicely. Since we are creating the music as he is writing the book and we want to introduce the saga to the public as soon as possible, we are releasing an EP titled “Thunder in the Sky” this summer. The first complete CD in The Asgard Saga series, “Hammer of the Gods,” will be finished when the book is done by the end of 2009.




Metalfan:  Are you composing the music especially for Wolfgang's text or you are just adapting already existing songs to specific moments of Wolfgang's story?
Joey DeMaio: Mostly we are composing the music specifically for the text.  We did have 2 songs that Wolfgang felt fit perfectly into the plot of the story, so we are re-releasing “The Crown and The Ring” and “Die With Honor” with text that explains the storyline and these songs’ role in it.

Metalfan:  Two videos of new songs recorded in the studio are already on the internet. How much of the album is already recorded and how much do you think it will take until it's done?
Joey DeMaio: We have completed an EP of 6 songs titled “Thunder in the Sky and the complete CD titled “Hammer of the Gods” will be released later this year.

Metalfan:  On July 5th, 2009 MANOWAR will headline the B'estfest Aftershock in Bucharest, Romania. What can the Romanian fans expect from your show, considering this will be your first time in Romania?
Joey DeMaio: We want to surprise our Romanian fans.  Since this is our first time in Romania and since there will be a lot of fans from surrounding countries there, we don’t want to disappoint them.  Expect the unexpected.  We are sure you will be satisfied.

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  • Foarte foarte frumos interviul ! Hail Kings Of Metal !!!!

    1. Posted by Obituary | 11 Iunie 2009 10:51
  • Interviu frumos, freze frumos coafate, riduri sterse in Photoshop 12, Manowarii astia vin, taie, spanzura, etc. etc. Cainele care latra oare musca? Sper sa fie mai multi manovaristi la S'teel Fest, decat moby-isti si killer-isti, ca astia baga greu. Slava domnului au compus si in limba romana, in sfarsit NE-AU BAGAT IN SEAMA. Nimic nu va mai fi la fel dupa concertul Manowar din 5 iulie... Nici macar Manowar. ...Iti multumim Manowar.

    2. Posted by robi69 | 16 Iunie 2009 17:15

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