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Matteo De Mori (DELIRIUM X TREMENS): death metal tales

Matteo De Mori (DELIRIUM X TREMENS): death metal tales
BANDS : Delirium X Tremens

Delirium X Tremens is a death metal band hailing from Italy. I chatted with bassist Matteo De Mori about their musical influences and the concept of their album Bello Dunum - Echoes from the Past which they are most proud of. More details follow:

Metalfan: Hello and welcome to Metalfan.RO!
Matteo De Mori: Hi Bogdan, it’s an honor for us to be on the pages of your great webzine. Thank you for your support!

Metalfan: For starters, please tell me about your beginnings as a band.
Matteo De Mori: Delirium X Tremens was born in 1998 as a cover band. In 2003 we published our first auto-product album CyberHuman, which was reprinted in 2005 in Mexico thanks to the label Asenath Records.
In the meanwhile we played a lot of concerts in Italy and started creating our first full length album CreHated From No_Thing, published in 2007 thanks to the italian label Punishment 18 Records (
After the release of the album we played in Italy and Slovenia.

After the debut we started working on its successor Belo Dunum – Echoes From The Past (2011). This album helped us playing in foreign countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and your great land!

The band is composed by me (Pondro – bass), Ciardo – voice, Med – Guitar and Thomas – drums…same guys for years, we’re happy about this.    
Metalfan: You are originary from Belluno Dolomiti, a place full of history. Can you tell us how that history is combined with death metal.
Matteo De Mori: Belo Dunum is a sort of tribute to the history of our territory. As you told before, Belluno is a rich land full of stories and events which left marks in all Italy. Our music explains our love for our mountains and our history. The mixture between history and music helped us combining our sound and traditional music influences. We started using chorus, acoustic guitars, accordion and violins to unite music and tales. Belo Dunum is a particular album…you can listen to it, watch it and read it!   

Metalfan: Your latest album Belo Dunum, Echoes From The Past  looks like an epic historical death metal release. Can you told us more about the ceative process and can you give us some information about every track?
Matteo De Mori: Belo Dunum is our tribute to Belluno, our native city, to its history and its legends. We worked on the compositive process two years. After the release of our debut album we had to choose the subject of our new songs and we thought it would have been great to honor our native land. As usual we composed both lyrics and music together. After working on the songs and their general structure we started the longest and most gratyfing part of the work, the arrangements. It was a challenge for us to integrate our sound with other elements but we are proud of our result. Belo Dunum is a concept album, the diary of an Alpine soldier who died in the trenches in the Dolomiti mountains. He tells us the legends of his grandparents, stories told near the fireplace, but also real life episodes he lived, like the war in the mountains. He also tells us events after his death: situations he sees like a vagabond spirit. Let analyze each song:
I Was – It’s the introduction of the tale. The main character of this song introduces himself and tells us something about the stories he’s gonna narrate us.
Teveron, The Sleeping Giant – It tells about the legend of the Giant Teveron, coming to shoo some witches in Alpago (a territory in the Dolomiti mountains). The Giant succeeds in his challenge but the ravenous women curse him for the last time and turn him into a mountain.
The Legend Of Cazha Selvarega – Mount Serva overlooks Belluno but along its slopes there is an horde of dogs guided by a demon chasing the sinner souls.
Artiglieria Alpina – This is an Italian song. It’s a tribute to the heroic Italian Alpine troopers and to their valour.  They protected our boudaries during the First World War.
The Guardian – The Basilisk is a mythological creature which can petrify who stares at the crown on his forehead. He protects Dolomiti mountains.
33 Days Of Pontificate (Vatican Inc.) – In 1978 Albino Luciani (from Belluno) sat on the papal throne but he died after only 33 days. Circumstances are still unknown. There is a huge financial burden behind this, linked to IOR and mafia.
An Old Dusty Dream – A recurring dream obsesses the main character’s mind, a dream where blood is always present.
Vajont – The end of the album. It’s a trilogy we decided to dedicate to the Vajont catastrophe (1963). It was the 9th of October and a rock slide collapsed from Mount Toc, falling in the dam’s pond beyond. It generated a huge wave which caused the death of more than 2000 people. The guilty part is still unpunished. This tragedy was caused by men and their will to control nature. Three songs telling us the building of the dam, the disaster and in the end an acoustic song which commemorates the innocent victims.

Metalfan: You have plans for another release?
Matteo De Mori: We’re working on the successor of Belo Dunum. I can reveal you it will be its evolution but we’re gonna speak about the same subject more or less. It will be another tribute to our land.

Metalfan: What are your main influences? Not only musical influences, but in general.
Matteo De Mori: Our music comes from the genres we listened to during our life. They clearly influenced us…death metal, thrash, black metal but also the popular music of our territory and the alpine chorus.
Speaking about the other influences I must say that general history (and in particular our land’s one) affected us a lot. Then the mountains around us, we can feel their influence every day of our life. We couldn’t live without them, this is certain. There are also many legends and we love to read fairy tales to take inspiration.

Metalfan: What is your opinion about the metal scene of today? How you feel about modern metal? Are you a supporter of the oldschool philosophy?
Matteo De Mori: Unfortunately the metal modern scene is full of band which only consider appearance as the most important thing. They forget that music should be the focal point. I also have to say that there are some new notable musical innovation. All the bands, new or old ones, are the same for us…if their music is good we don’t care about the age or the origins. We are all more than thirty years old and our most important influences are in old school, 80s and 90s albums, but we know that the underground scene (Italian and in foreign countries) is also full of considerable modern bands. 

Metalfan: Please tell us a little bit about your stage performance. About the costumes you wear on stage.
Matteo De Mori: As I told you before lyrics are fundamental for us but also the visual part of our album is essntial. We decided we had to wear appropriate dresses during our concerts, like our grandparents during the 30s while going to the fields and  forests. We want the listener to join completely our world and the stories we tell also during our concerts. We want to give the audience a complete show, the most captivating as possible.

Metalfan: A message for the Romanian public.
Matteo De Mori: What can we say? Thank you a lot for the welcome both times we came in Romania. It’s an honor to play on your stages. We also would like to say a big thank to Mihai Coro from Axa Valaha Production for his help. His contribution to the growth of the metal Romanian scene is incredible! Finally…let support your underground bands like Kamen, Violesson and SpineCrusher, they’re great and it was a pleasure for us to play with them.

Metalfan: Thank you and we hope to see you again on stage!
Matteo De Mori: Thank you Bogdan. We can’t wait to bring back the icy wind of Dolomiti mountains to your stages!
We’ll be back soon with new stories and legends!
Get ready!

If you want to contact and support us this are our links:!/deliriumxtremens!/pages/Delirium-X-Tremens/44743868531

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