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Maylene and their christian metal

Maylene and their christian metal
BANDS : Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Hello! First of all, please tell us a short history of the band.

Josh Cornutt: We are from Alabama, we are a rock and roll band, and we just put a new record out 2 months ago on ferret music, and we released a record in 2005 that is self titled. That should get everyone up to date.

Why  did you have choosed Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster as band name? What means this name for you?

JC: Maylene is a town in Alabama and we used to practice there. The rest of the name came from our take on a crime gang from Florida in
the 30's.

I know that on 20 March you have released your second album,  "II", please tell us more about it....

JC: It is called II. I think a good way of describing it is just to say that it is a heavy record. It isnt radio rock per say, but in my mind it is still a rock record. I think it is different from alot of things that are out there today.

I know than in the first week from the release you have sold  6.000 copies in the United States, how are sales going?

JC:  They are good. People are still buying the thing and hopefully they will keep doing that.

Whyd did you picked up "II" as a name for the album? Led  Zeppelin have inspired you to pick up this name?

JC:  The Zeppelin thing was definately talked about. But we kind of had a theme for the first two records, so it seemed fitting to just call
it II.

What bands have influenced you as a musician? Which are the bands that influenced Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster music?

JC:  Zepplin, Lynryd Skynyrd, Van Halen, all the way up to Tori Amos, Ryan Adams. It is a broad range of influences. Country definately had a big part in all of our lives.

What means religion for you? It is an important thing in your life?

JC:  Religion is a skewed topic. I am a christian and so is everyoneelse in the band, but we do not try to shove it down anyone's throat.
We belive what we belive, we tell people and if they are into that, then that is cool, if not that is fine too.

How is the Metal scene in Alabama?

JC:  The scene in Alabama is alive. It isnt as strong as it used to be, it really has turned into a fashion show, pretty much like everywhere else in the world.

Which is the latest album that you've listened?

JC:  The new Kings of Leon record. It is called Because of the Times.It is amazing.

What do you like more, festivals or club concerts? Why?
JC:  Clubs, they are more intimate and air conditioned. It is more of a connection feeling. Festivals is like playing to a massive blob of bodies. It's still fun, but not the same.

Is there any chance to see Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster here in Romania in the near future?

JC:  Maybe we didnt make it there while we were in Europe in January but we will be back soon, so hopefully we will make it there, never been there, I would love to go, there is a ton of history in your country.

Thank you for the interview! In the end would you like to
 transmit something to the metal listeners from Romania?

JC:  No problem. Yeah, just check the record out, hopefully people in Romania will be into it. God Bless

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