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Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri (PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS): magical things happen

Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri (PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS): magical things happen
BANDS : Heavy as Texas, Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals

Probably most of those reading this know Maziar "Marzi" Montazeri for his work with Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals, but the story of the guitarist begins since the '90s when for a short period (1993 - 1994) he was part of the group Superjoint Ritual. I invite you to read the in the following rows the interesting discussion that I had the opportunity to have with Marzi.

Metalfan: Hi Marzi and welcome to Metalfan.RO! For those who might not know who Maziar "Marzi" Montazeri is could you tell us more about you? How you've become a musician?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: First off a big Howdy from Texas with much power and love to all the metal fans across the planet. I've always been attracted to music as a whole in all decades of life starting very early. I fell in love completely with it.I've had a great attraction for string instruments with guitar being my favorite. It was a silent call I answered when I pursued to get my first 6 string guitar. I've been exploring it ever since.

Metalfan: Have always been just the guitar or in the past you've tried also some other instruments? It is there any particular instrument that you would love to play?

Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I've tried many string Instruments and own a few myself. I love them all really. I have an MultiOud that is very unique but from a mandolin to a banjo I love them equally for what they each represent tonally. Classical nylon to a 6 or 12 string steel is quite a jump in sound but again so awesome to have around to use as different colors in your painting (song). I'd love to be a better drummer and know more on the piano.

Metalfan: As a guitarist, which are the top five albums that have influenced you and have defined your style? Could you tell us few words about each of them?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: It would be hard to choose just one album from Van Halen because each one done with Roth shaped my playing and style but of this interview we will go with...

1. Van Halen's first record... Words can't explain feelings one goes through and that's my Van Halen description but in words I'd have to say that it is absolute fire that is recklessly making complete sense of it all.

Again both records that Randy did were amazing but I'll pick...

2. Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman (1981): The layering of all those beautiful guitar parts and on top such style. Randy had the fire too.

3. Sabotage (1975) by Black Sabbath: The heaviest riff I'd ever heard when Symptoms of the Universe came on... Changed me forever.

4. Couldn't Stand the Weather by the mighty Stevie Ray Vaughan!

5. Pantera - Cowboys from Hell (1990): Dimebag will not be denied. Best Heavy Metal band. Period.

Metalfan: Where have you been all this years since you've released your first and only solo album in 2001 - The Need?

Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: Living a hellish life like any other man out there trying to take care of a family through the trails of life and still believing in a calling and answering to it. Obviously I came around thanks to Phil getting my name out but honestly my efforts in Texas all fell short do to lack of the right personal so naturally once again the Louisiana connection was stronger and I made the move. Now The Need which was just a demo will be rerecorded and new material will be out soon with my solo album and also my Southern band Heavy as Texas.

Metalfan: How was the album received  back then by the fans and media?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: Made it to 42 to FMQB and It made it in the media in its short lived life in Japan and Europe. But it created a strong fan base in Texas mainly Houston to this day.

Metalfan: Looking back at it, are you proud of it? Do you think to release a new album in the near future?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I made that demo with $700. Stood up played and sang at the same time with no time given the budget to sit down and do it perfect so that is the main reason I'd like to revisit it but I have so much more new material that yes without a doubt I'll be busting them out.

Metalfan: Back in the '90s you've also been a part of Superjoint Ritual. How did you end up with the band and which was the reason you've leaved the band?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: Philip came to my house in Houston and said I'd like you to join Superjoint Ritual and I did. I Did two demos which two tracks were used on the last two songs of the first album with no credit given to me and the sole reason I was not in the band anymore was the same reason there's no Superjoint Ritual now. I was just the first casualty.

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals

Metalfan: Last year Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals have released the first full-length album - Walk Through Exits Only. I've seen a lot of reactions and some people have compare it to Superjoint Ritual or the late works of Pantera. How do you see it?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I don't see it as sounding like either in any way other than that the obvious which is the unmistakable voice of Phil.

Metalfan: Do you involve in the process of writing or it is Phil the only lyricist of the band? How a song is born?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: On our first attempts Philip had the jest of it down like the core the skeleton if you will but through the three years I did help him put certain parts together and moved things around. Lyrically it is all Philip H. Anselmo. In the future who knows. I definitely have riffs for the second record.

Metalfan: Speaking about songs, which is not the best, but your favorite from Walk Through Exits Only\? Why?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I love them all equally for what they sound like which is completely different from one another and what they stand for lyrically. My favorite tracks always change from time to time.

Metalfan:  Last year you have also released an EP titled Scion A/V Presents: Housecore Horror Film Festival 2013 EP. The two songs from this record were special composed for this release or were a part from the sessions of Walk Through Exits Only? Could you tell us a few words about them?

Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: All of our efforts have been a far cry from each other but you know in the end you know that it's us playing it. The Housecore Horror Film Festival EP is very unique in sound and song in our own tradition of always changing. They were not written exclusively for no one but ourselves but were done around the Walk Through Exits Only sessions.

Metalfan: The artwork it is very cartoonish. It is horror for sure, but in a way it also reminds me of KISS. Could you tell us few words about it?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: That was an idea that Phil had that I helped bring to life by contacting local Houston artist Kyler Sharp who directed the cover and has done some incredible posters for the band since.

Metalfan:  How important it is for you as a band to be signed at Housecore Records? Do you have some sort of freedom to to whatever you want or it is some struggle at some times?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: It is very important for this project to be all and nothing but Housecore. It's more than a label it truly is a large family. The freedom is what gives us the ability to go after what we truly feel in our hearts not our heads.

Metalfan: Which are the future plans for Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals? Do you plan to release a new music any time soon or to start to conquer the world by touring?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals will be touring Europe in June and part of July. Planning only comes after having new material. We are planning on having a writing session soon. Magic happens when we get together.

Metalfan:  In the beginning of the interview we've talked a little bit about you as a musician and as a person, I know that you are from Houston, Texas and Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals it is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, where do you feel more like home? In which way the place you live affects you as a musician?
Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I feel at home at both places. They each offer different aspects that effect me as a Musician and I adore them both the same for it.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time and for your answers Marzi! In the end would you like to add something or to send few words to our readers?

Maziar 'Marzi' Montazeri: I want to send my love and gratitude to all for the opportunities given toexpose the truth in light in my life and others around and I would also want to wish the reader to BE. Not someone or something else but the real self. Be that. Be Yourself and leave this world before your body leaves it. Much love and respect . Peace.
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