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METALFORCE: born to conquer

METALFORCE: born to conquer
BANDS : Metalforce

Some of the band members have been on the metal scene for over 10 years, but they’ve only been known as  METALFORCE since 2008. Consisting of: Tarek Maghary (vocals), Tristan Visser (guitar), Jan Raddatz (drums) and Freddy Schartl (bass) the band is winning the hearts of many metalheads. Tarek Maghary, the band’s singer has answered  a few questions.

Metalfan: As musicians, you’ve been on the metal scene for long enough, but the name Metalforce is still quite new to the Romanian listeners. Tell us a bit about your history and the transition from Majesty to Metalforce.
Tarek Maghary: Well, the first official release with Majesty was the album “Sword & Sorcery” in 2002. In 2008 I had a dream in which I saw the name Metalforce in front of my inner eye and from this moment on I knew that this band is destined to conquer the whole world by Heavy Metal.

Metalfan: What is your credo in the world of music?
Tarek Maghary:  Music and especially Heavy Metal means everything to me. It is not only music, it is a way to live and we are living it in every second of our lives. We put 100% of our time, our heart blood and our dedication into Metalforce. I really believe that this is the main difference if you compare Metalforce to other bands. We dedicated our souls to the band.

Metalfan: How did each band member find his way into Metalforce?
Tarek Maghary: Jan Raddatz and I were the first members of Metalforce and both of us already played together in MAJESTY. Then we searched for new band members by making a video. Tristan Visser saw the video and then he auditioned. By the first second he touched his guitar and played some leads we immediately knew that he is definitely the right guy to become the lead guitar player of Metalforce. Than Freddy Shartl on bass and later on Josef Echter on the rhythm guitar completed the mighty and asskicking line up of the band which is destined to last forever.

Metalfan: You mention the world “metal” so often in your lyrics, that we’d like to know your personal view on it. What does it mean to you?

Tarek Maghary: Well, I can say that Metal is not only music for us; it is our way of life. We dedicated our bodies and souls to Heavy Metal. For us it is strongly associated with values like courage, honor and never giving up. These values are the essence of our life and that is what Metal means to us.

Metalfan: What do you consider to be the key ingredient to a band’s success?
Tarek Maghary: I think the fans know that everything they get from Metalforce is honest and comes from our hearts. We would never follow any short-lived trends just to make quick money. We don´t care if other people tell us to stop or change our style and we will always keep on fighting. That is the main difference between us and many other bands. They don´t give their full heart blood and I think at the and only the bands who are completely dedicated to their music will survive and all the other ones will disappear.

Metalfan: What musical background does each of you have?
Tarek Maghary: That is a hard question because so many aspects in your life lead to your musical background. I think that all band members have one in common. We like honest and dedicated music and that is why we all love Heavy Metal!

Metalfan: What were you hoping to become when you were a kid?
Tarek Maghary: Actually I started dreaming to be a professional musician very early so I never had any doubts about that that is the path to follow. Many people told me that I could never fulfill that dream but I always told them to fuck off and now as these people see me on stage with Metalforce they finally learned that you should always fight until your dreams come true.

Metalfan: Which have been the musical influences from your childhood or teenage years?
Tarek Maghary: For me I always listened to bands like Manowar, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Accept but I was always also influenced by many classical composers. I think that it is very important to have influences because that is the only way that you can develop your own and unique style of music at the end. I think with Metalforce I finally reached that goal.

Metalfan: Who is the main writer in the band?
Tarek Maghary: That is me. After I wrote an idea for a song we always rehearse it together and then of course all the members give their input. I think that way we come to a perfect result and it works very well for us. 

Metalfan: Can you think of a song that you enjoy most during live performances?
Tarek Maghary:  I’ll be honest with you. When it comes to playing live I enjoy every second of the performance and that is not only because of particular songs but because of the magic which is going on between the band and the audience. I can´t explain that mighty power in words so you should come to one of our shows and feel it by yourself.

Metalfan: Last year in September, the band released its first, self-titled, album. How’s the feed-back so far?
Tarek Maghary:  The reactions of the fans and the press were phenomenal. We just came back from the first leg of the “Death To Infidels” Tour as special guest of Manowar and every night we played the crowd was screaming like thunder and sang along all the songs of the album. We are very proud of the album and I think it paved the way for a glorious future.

Metalfan: What about Metalforce - the Documentary, how is it coming along? Tell us a few words about this product.
Tarek Maghary:  That is a 15 minutes online video which we did so that the fans can take part of everything. On our webpage we have the Metalforce TV where we regularly post videos like that. So if you are interested in such and many other great stuff you should definitely visit it.

Metalfan: Which are the best 3 metal albums of all times, in your opinion?
Tarek Maghary: That is a question I can´t answer because if I name three albums that would be unfair to so many other albums. Great music is timeless and can be found on many albums, on many gigs and sometimes it can be found in the second you touch your guitar and play what comes from your heart.

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