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Peter Huss (SHINING): open your eyes!

Peter Huss (SHINING): open your eyes!
BANDS : Shining (Swe)

Shining is one of the most extreme and non-traditional metal bands of the current scene. However the group guitarist, Peter Huss, is one of the nicer speakers, full of life and  at times giving the impression he would be more latin than northern. Peter spoke about working with Andy LaRoque (King Diamond, ex-Death), new album of the band, about the EP Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt, and love for music groups such as Van Halen and Europe. More details in the lines below:

Metalfan: Hello Peter and welcome back to Metalfan pages!

Peter Huss: Thanks! Good to be back!

Metalfan: Right now you are in the studio with Shining, working on the new album, how are things going?
Peter Huss: Well, very well. I think we are all surprised of how smooth everything goes. And right now everything, except some post production, is done. We actually recorded a cover EP that will be out soon, not the songs you expect to hear I can tell you.

Metalfan: Can you describe, musically, the new songs? Stylistically, are there any major differences between the new opus and your previous album?
Peter Huss: As with all previous albums there will be some things that change or evolves. But this time a major change was that we decided to work in another studio then the four previous albums. And with that lots of things will change, even if you want them to or not.

Metalfan: Regarding the lyrics, what do they express? What did you tried communicate in the new songs? Kvarforth usually deals in his lyrics with negativity, suicide and self destructive ideas, are you using the same concept and themes for the new album?
Peter Huss: This is not my field, and the only one who can answer that is Niklas.

Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING)
Metalfan: How it is to work with Andy La Roque? What did he ask from you in the studio?
Peter Huss: It was really great! And I guess he wanted the same from us that we wanted from him, to do the very best. But of course, and as I mentioned before, there will be things that you do differently. We decided to go a little "back to basics" on this one. And I like that, no re-amping and stuff. And he´s a recording musician himself, he knows how it is when the red light is on. been there done that. And that "understanding" is really great to have from the producer.

Metalfan: Do you think that you have learned something from him?
Peter Huss: Oh yes! Lots of things. I try to learn something new every day, and around him that wasn't hard. And, he has a lot of cool stories from the good´ol 80´s!

Metalfan: Also, what could you tell us about the title of the new album? I know that it would be called VIII, but as we all know, all of your previous albums had also another name, for example Halmstad, Klagopsalmer, Född Förlorare.
Peter Huss: No. That is not official yet...

Metalfan: I know that in 2009, when Shining first played in Romania, you recorded some songs for a DVD. How are things going with this work? What can we expect from it and when it will be released?
Peter Huss: Good question! The fact is that we have tons of filmed material, from 2005 up to today. I think that the big question is HOW it will be produced, HOW it will be cut, WHAT will we use. There is so much material that it would require many DVDs to fit it all. Right now we do not know what, how, when. But hopefully some of it will be released in one way or the other at some point.

Metalfan: Speaking of Romania, do you intend to include Romania in your next tour with Shining?
Peter Huss: Of course we want to go back. But it´s really up to the different promoters and our agency to work something out. So it´s hard for me to say right now, but lets hope that it will happen.

Metalfan: As years go by, with every album that you release, Shining turns in a more and more influent metal band. Which is your secret?
Peter Huss: If you say so. We just do what we do. We don´t think to much about directions, styles and stuff like that. Some people seems to care to much about styles, fuck that! We create our own style, and that´s what others should do. Or at least try to. Otherwise it will all sound the same, and what´s the point of releasing two albums that sounds the same?

Metalfan: In 2008, Kvarforth said in an interview that “my goal is to destroy as much as possible. And to make excellent records, because without that I wouldn’t have the capacity”. It is clear now that you succeeded in releasing some great records, but what is the connection between mass destruction and writing excellent records?
Peter Huss: Nothing of course. There are lots of great records that didn't destroy anything. But again, the only one that can answer that is Niklas himself.

Metalfan: Your live shows are obviously not for the faint of heart. Acts like self cutting, kissing between band members may be disturbing and leave a powerful impression to the audience. Are these acts only for the purpose of show, to strengthen your musical and lyrical message or do they hide something wicked deeper?
Peter Huss: Well, nothing that happens on stage is planned or anything. You can go and see a show with us and nothing happens, just music, only emotions. But then the next show will be totally different. You will never know, we will never know. It´s something between us and that specific audience.


Metalfan: What do you think about the today metal scene, especially in the black metal area?
Peter Huss: I think that the metal scene in general is doing very well. The black metal scene I know nothing about really. As I said before, I don´t think in styles that much. I like good music, that´s it. I'm just getting sick of all people putting all these weird labels on everything. And when it takes more then 30 seconds to explain a bands "style" and name all the sub-genres... c´mon! What the fuck is that!?

Metalfan: What kind of music do you prefer to listen and don't you like to try playing another style? Can you recommend us a few albums that have impressed you positively lately?
Peter HUss: Good quality music. That´s it. And that can be anything. I have played different styles all my life, and the only time I play shining is when I play with shining. I guess that pretty much anyone can hear that my guitar playing comes from anything BUT black metal. Well, the new Van Halen is great. Flying Colors is cool, and the new Europe album rocks! Now, for those that doesn't understand that, open your eyes!...and ears for that matter.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Peter! In the end would you like to send a few words to Metalfan readers or to add something?
Peter Huss: We have had some great support from you guys! And hang in there, we will be back!
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