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Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP, BRUJERIA): the sound of perfection

Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP, BRUJERIA): the sound of perfection
BANDS : Brujeria, Lock Up, Napalm Death

Shane Embury, bass player of the bands Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria, Venomous Concept, and many other extreme groups, recently offered an exclusive interview to Metalfan Romania. Shane has revealed a part secret of the success of Napalm Death, talked about the possibility to re-record Scum (1987) with the current line-up of the band, told us about his passion for the Dracula story, and talked about many more interesting topics. The result, in the lines below:

NAPALM DEATH - Alice... err... Barney in Chains
Metalfan: Hi Shane and welcome to! After more than 30 years Napalm Death still remains relevant to extreme music. Which is your secret?

Shane Embury: I don't know 100% - we listen too all forms of music and take in whats happening around us but as we have evolved over the years we have perhaps perfected and refined our sound and feel more confident within ourselves to keep challenging musically,but also with a great respect of the bands past so I think that combination and fesrlessness has perhaps kept the band relevant in these diverse times.

Metalfan: You are know as a very busy man playing also in Brujeria, Lock Up, Venomous Concept and many other bands. How do you manage to work on so many projects? Which is the most important thing for a musician to keep an organized schedule?
Shane Embury: I try as best as I can with my schedule but it's not always easy and things sometimes overlap where in the instance of Lock Up I have had My good friend Dan Lilker help out on a couple of tours, but I like to keep busy musically and play with different musicians as this has always been my dream since I was a child and at this point in my so called career i feel it necessary and vital to keep an open mind, again I like different forms of music and that makes me want to write music in these styles! A lot of times project are born out of the need to express yourself with ideas that are maybe not suitable for Napalm so I say why not?? Not everyone feels this way though but I like the challenge!

Metalfan: On 30 August 2013 Napalm Death will play at Rockstadt Extreme Fest from Romania, this will be your fifth show here. On the previous times when you played here, did you got the time to visit? Any impression so far regarding Romania and Romanians?
Shane Embury: We never really have time to visit places unfortunately although I have always wanted to explore romania more since I know that the land and Vlad Dracul was an inspiration for Dracula and I have been a fan of that book and it's origins since I was a kid but have never had the time to travel through the land which is a pity! As far as the shows in your country we have a great shows there and a lot of fun, the fans have ben nice and receptive which is all you can ask for so we are looking forward to coming back!

Metalfan: In 2012 you have released a new album titled Utilitarian. The record gain very good reviews. How good did the sales go? In this days you get more money from selling records or from selling other merchandise?
Shane Embury: The album sales have been really good on the new record,and as a whole the past few albums have been steady and good for the band and label in these times of downloading etc. It is safe to say we do OK as a band and that comes from playing live but touring is also expensive with the amount of travelling and the cost of travel of course is a band expense so we are not millionaires but to be doing this so long as I have I feel very lucky!

NAPALM DEATH - time to grind!

Metalfan: Could you tell us more about the writing process? Which was the most difficult song to finish writing from the new album?
Shane Embury: There really wasn't a particular song which was tough to finish,Me and Mitch write the music and we jam with danny independently at first on our ideas and then once we have the full structures we jam as a three pice before recoding the music and presenting it to Barmy! A weird way perhaps compared to some bands but its the way we do it!

I think there is a stroke of luck involved with the outcomes of our records as there is really no great plasm for the outcome we just write what we feel is relevant at the time of the album and do our best. Russ Russell who has worked with us over the last 12 years always progress as a producer and I think his input is invaluable to us as a band and he really has become our 6th member so the combination helps each album move forward with the right amount if intensity and inventiveness.

Metalfan: On Utilitarian you had the great John Zorn, the second collaboration after the John Zorn / Napalm Death split released by Earache Records in 1990. Have you ever think to release a full-length album with John Zorn as a guest?
Shane Embury: I don't know that would depend on John I think but it certainly was something great and interesting to do and the song really called for it I think, maybe in the future as for us the possibilities are endless as we move on in our career

Metalfan: Have you ever think to re-record the legendary album Scum (1987) with the current line-up of the band? What do you think about that?

Shane Embury: No we would never do that ! we don't like re recording albums as that would take away from what made the record special in the first place so no we would never do that! maybe individual songs perhaps but not a whole album

Metalfan: Do you take in mind to record an Napalm Death album with ex-members of the band as guest? Do you still keep in touch with your ex-collegues?
Shane Embury: Well we had Jim Whitely the old bass player on the B side of Scum on the Leaders Not Followers Part 2 (2004) on a couple of tracks and the idea for sure is cool but it's really down to those guys I thinks they have all moved on and some of the guys really a re happy where they are at in their lives and don't feel the need to do something like that but again who knows what the future may bring!!!

Metalfan: In 2011, after almost 10 years Lock Up have released a new album - Necropolis Transparent. Why did it took so long? Have you ever think that Lock Up will continue to write new music?
Shane Embury: Well the main reason was that jesse Pintado the guitar player passed away in august of 2006 and we hadn't really had any ideas and this tragedy made us not think of doing the band anymore but as time moved on we asked our friend Anton reisenegger of Pentagram Chile to play in the band and things moved from there really! We played a few festivals to see how things felt and then we talked about new music which resulted in the Necropolis Transparent album.We have a few more shows this year planned and then hopefully a new record for next year !

Metalfan: Speaking of Lock Up, in 2005 it was released the live album Play Fast or Die - Live in Japan. Do you consider to release also a DVD anytime soon? What do you think about DVDs?
Shane Embury: We did think about a DVD a long time ago but now with Youtube I am not so sure there is much point unless you really make it special !

Metalfan: What do you think about the state of music in general and about the state of metal? It is good, it is bad?
Shane Embury: I think Music is evolving and thats a good thing ! the way it's promoted is different to when i was growing up but at the same time Vinyl is coming back which is good to see! Also at the same time since i am 46 this year I see music recycling itself with bands embracing older ideas but giving it a kick at the sam time so to me its all good! every now and then a band come along that makes me excited and thats a good thing

Metalfan: Black Sabbath will release this year a new album. Have you heard yet the song God is Dead?? What do you expect from this album?
Shane Embury: I actually just listened to the track and i think it would appeal to many sabbath fans

Metalfan: What do you feel about Black Sabbath as they are also from Birmingham?
Shane Embury: I grew up listening to sabbath and Judas priest who are also from the area as a kit and they paved the way for me to get into heavier stuff so they were and are very important bands!

Metalfan: Jeff Hanneman from Slayer recently passed away. This news comes short after the death of Chi Cheng from Deftones, John Lord (Deep Purple), Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence). What did you feel when you heard this news?
Shane Embury: Well it's sad as All life passing away onto the next life is sad be it a musician or a close friend or a loved one ! I met Jeff once a nice guy and of course I listened to slayer a lot growing up ! My thoughts go out to his family

Metalfan: Could you tell us three songs that you will play with Napalm Death at the show from Rockstadt Extreme Fest?
Shane Embury: You will have to wait and find out !!

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Shane! In the end would you like to add something or to send few words to our readers?

Shane Embury: Sorry I tool so long answering you interview hehe ! but I hope the answers are OK,we are looking forward to playing the festival ! thanks for the interest in the band and the support as ever it really does mean a lot to us cheers!
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