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Tamás Schrottner (EKTOMORF): keep it real and true, be yourself, and stand up for what you believe

Tamás Schrottner (EKTOMORF): keep it real and true, be yourself, and stand up for what you believe
BANDS : Ektomorf


Metalfan: Hello Tamás! How are things going lately with Ektomorf?
Tamás Schrottner: Hi, everything is well thanks. We’re doing a European tour with Stuck Mojo, Vengince and Tenside. Playing 24 shows in March.

Metalfan: Please could you present us in few words a history of Ektomorf?
Tamás Schrottner: Ektomorf was formed by the two brothers Zoltán and Csaba Farkas 14 years ago. First album was “Hangok”, after that, self titled album “Ektomorf” was released, followed by “Kalyi jag”. These albums were all in Hungarian, then later “Kalyi jag” was released in English too. Before “Kalyi jag” Joci joined the band. In this time they started playing shows out of Hungary. “I Scream Up To The Sky” was released, and there were more shows in Germany. Then I joined the band, and we were signed to Nuclear Blast. Then followed “Destroy”, “Instinct” and “Outcast”.

Metalfan: Which is the secret for a band to get singed with Nuclear Blast?
Tamás Schrottner: We had a kick ass show at the Summer Breeze festival. Everyone was jumping and going crazy. Then after the show, Nuclear Blast were waiting by the PA stage, and wanted to sign a contract with us.That’s it! Ektomorf has a special live energy.

Metalfan: Some people say that Ektomorf is a clone of Sepultura... what do you think about that?
Tamás Schrottner: People don’t say that we are a copy of Sepultura, otherwise they wouldnt come to the shows..right?!
Only stupid fuckin ignorant journalists say this bullshit. Every band has its influences! I could list 20 bands who copy Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, shit power metal bands, and no1 is fuckin with them saying they are a copy, are they?!

Metalfan: What do you think that Ektomorf brings new to Rock music? Do you feel your music more close to Metal or to Hardcore?
Tamás Schrottner: Ektomorf plays the same music that it always has. Basically we’re influenced by bands from the 90s, that we love. Maybe it’s new to the young generation, if people think this then great! We just stay as we are and don’t follow any trends, or anyones expectations. If Judas Priest is metal, then we are not! We are listening to all kinds of music, Reggae, Hip Hop, Punk, Hardcore, Thrash. We are very openminded, thats all!



Metalfan: You think that your music sounds better live or on the CD?
Tamás Schrottner: Our CD’s all sound powerful, thanks to our producer Tue Madsen, who knows exactly what we want. I like both, we try to put our biggest energy into our live shows.

Metalfan: The Metal scene from Hungary have a lot of great bands, such acts as Ossian, Pokolgép, Subscribe or more extreme acts as Tormentor, Sear Bliss or Ahriman, which is your favorite hungarian band?
Tamás Schrottner: Subscribe is good, they are our friends. My fave Hungarian bands are Replika, Cadaveres, and Mangod Inc, who are all friends also.

Metalfan: Did you listened some Romanian metal bands?
Tamás Schrottner: I dont know many, but Guerillas kick ass, and we become friends with them.

Metalfan: Would  Ektomorf return in the near future to Romania for some gigs?
Tamás Schrottner: I hope that we play there soon a s possible, but it’s up to the bookers and organizers to sort the shows there.



Metalfan: What or who made you want to play guitar?
Tamás Schrottner: When I was a little kid I saw Jimi Hendrix on my dads video tape (Woodstock), and I was thinking lots about it, then decided that I wanted to play guitar one day. After I got into Thrash Metal, Grindcore and Punk, I bought a shit guitar and started to learn the music I was listening to.

Metalfan: What is your favorite album of all times? And also what is your favorie album from 2007?
Tamás Schrottner: I can’t say that there is one album that is my favorite, as I like so many and my favorite is always changing. There weren’t many good Metal CD’s that came out in 2007, so I’ll say Static X – “Cannibal”.
Metalfan: Which band would you choose between Sepultura and Soulfly? Why?
Tamás Schrottner: I don’t choose, sorry, I love both, and it depends on my mood, which I listen to and when. If you mean Sepultura of today, then I’d say Soulfly.

Metalfan: In 2006 you have released "Outcast", we are now in 2008, are you working on a new album?
Tamás Schrottner: We have a lot of new songs, but I don’t know as yet when we will be in the recording studio.

Metalfan: Would you like to work with musicians from other bands, at some Ektomorf songs?
Tamás Schrottner: I’m sorry but I love to play with my guys. Although I’d love to play Gringcore with Ingrowing (Czech band) who are friends of mine.

Metalfan:  When do you think is the best time for a band to realease a "Best of" album?
Tamás Schrottner: I never thought of this. It’s usually the record company who decide when they wanna get more money from a band. I prefer normal albums not “Best Ofs”!

Metalfan: Thank you for your time, would you like to add something in the end?
Tamás Schrottner: Keep it real and true, be yourself, and stand up for what you believe. Stay as you are! Respect to all our fans, and we’ll see you soon! Peace!


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