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TIAMAT: Romania made it into the band's top five ever!

TIAMAT: Romania made it into the band's top five ever!
BANDS : Tiamat

Here are some hot impressions from the band right after the show in Bucharest on Saturday, september the 23rd. We chated a bit with Johan, Anders, Lars and Thomas, they were a bit tired but in a great mood, a humorous mood, as you will see:


Gustaf Karlof, Thomas Wyreson, Anders Iwers, Johan Edlund, Lars Sköld  

Metalfan: First, we'd like to know what did you think about the show of tonight?
Johan: We had a great time!
Thomas: Great time, very good audience!
Anders: The show was really loud, you have to speak up!


Metalfan (trying to speak up): What did you think about the show?
Anders(shouting): It was great! This was top five ever! It was one of the best shows we ever did.


Metalfan: Really? Top five, this means like, maybe like the show number two, or maybe number one ever?
Anders: I'm not into ranking, but I would say this is top five.
Johan: I am into ranking. I think errrr...ooh...
Anders: One up to five.
Johan: One to five?
Anders: I already said it was top five, so you have to rank it from one to five.
Johan: This one made it top five ever and we've played quite a few shows...
Anders: But that's what I said! (laughs)
Johan: Yeah, but errr...I'm into ranking, too, I said it, too! (laughs)
Somebody: Three!
Anders: This was like one of the best three gigs we've ever did. 



Anders Iwers, Johan Edlund


Metalfan: Three is good. Which was number one and which was number two?
Anders: Yeah, I was afraid you were gonna ask that.
Thomas: Romania one, Romania two, Romania three!
Anders: I'm not-not-not, I'm not a number!


Metalfan: Ok, so the next two shows you're gonna play here, are gonna be number one and number two.
Thomas: Exactly!


Metalfan: Which song or maybe songs you think was the highlight of the show?
Thomas: When Anders kissed my forehead, that was a pretty nice moment! Sweet!
Anders: That was not... that was... During the song Clovenhoof his guitar solo was the best I've ever heard, I had to kiss him! It's not my fault! He played so good I had to kiss him! That was one of the highlights!
Thomas: A salty tasting kind of highlight for you...
Anders: yeaah... and somewhat wet.
Thomas: But you liked it!
Anders: I loved it!
Thomas: There's more where that came from!
Anders (pretending to just have noticed the recorder): Ooh, he's taping! Shhhh! 



Thomas Wyreson, Anders Iwers, Johan Edlund 

Metalfan: What do you think about the Romanian public, about their reactions to the songs? Have you noticed some affinity for the heavier songs, or maybe for the goth-ier songs?
Lars: This is the first time we've played in Romania, so of course they had a lot of expectations. It's because they have been listening to the band for, maybe fifteen years and... I don't know, they had a good reaction because they got to see us and hear us for the first time and even if we did a bad show, they would have liked it anyway, I think...


Metalfan: I don't know... If you had done a bad show, I think you would have noticed in their reaction... But the show was great. So in the interview we did for Metalfan, you talked about some new songs, that are supposed to be heavier than what you did in the last period of time. Can you tell us more about them?
Johan: Yeah, we played them tonight. One song sounds pretty much like Brighter than the Sun. We played it tonight, it has the same chord progression and the same lyrics (yeah, there he goes making fun of me), but... err... it's better. I think we have developped a sound of doing that Brighter than the Sun sound  (laughs)...
Anders (obviously thinking the joke was great): Yeah, and the other one we played it's in the vein of... you know, it sounds like Gaia, the last song of tonight...
Thomas: Stop lying, be serious now!
Anders: Err... we're lying now.
Lars: We are working on quite a few songs, and we have some of the drums and the bass going on for the demos and everything is gonna be a bit heavier, brutal, I think. Lyricwise, I don't know because I haven't heard them, but I've heard the melodies and it's going to be cool; with some more double bass and some more agression into it. A bit more... I wouldn't say Cloud-ish, but... heavier stuff.
Johan: Maybe the songwriting on what we have done in the past, on Clouds and Wildhoney, but with the experience we have nowadays. Taking that experience from having been around for a long time, playing alot of live shows and being interested in seeing how it would be if we did something we did in the times we used alot of heavy riffing on the guitars. To see how it would turn out to sound if we do that with all this experience we have gained from playing in many different countries.




Johan Edlund



Metalfan: You ended your relationship with Century Media after a long time partnership, why did this happen? Everything seemed to work ok for the... I don't know... the last fifteen years? you were with them...
Lars: Since 91-92.


Metalfan: So, it's fifteen years.
Anders: Century Media has been great to us. And we've been great to them. But now I think it's time for us to try something else, move on, you know? It's not like we're disappointed with them, they've been good to us and we've been even better to them, but it's been fifteen years and it's just time to try something new.


Metalfan: So you didn't feel at home anymore with Century Media?
Anders: It's too safe. We need something new.
Lars: The thing is that our contract ran out. So this is an opportunity maybe to look for something else, or maybe sign another contract with Century Media.


Metalfan: So, you haven't decided yet.
Johan: Can I say something to make this straight: we haven't decided anything yet, right now we treat every record company the same. If Century Media comes up with the best offer and they seem to be interested in continuing to work with us and we believe in that, then we might continue to work with them.


Metalfan: Have you had time to see the city?
Tiamat: No, no.
Anders: I saw some rain, I saw a traffic jam...
Johan: Well that's Bucharest, too, isn't it?


Metalfan: yeah, there is going to be a summit, a convention...
Anders: Yeah the French speaking countries. No, we haven't seen anything, really.


Metalfan: Ok, then, maybe next time, when you're gonna play the show number one and the show number two.
Anders: Yeah, to go around the country and see Dracula's Castle... stuff like that...


Metalfan: I'm afraid it doesn't exist... Dracula’s Castle…
Thomas (extremely alarmed): What is he talking about? There's no Dracula's Castle? There's no Dracula? There's no Spiderman, no Peter Pan? No Superman? What the hell is this?
Everybody laughs


Metalfan (afraid that things could get out of control): Ook, that was about it, thank you very much!
Tiamat: Thanks! 


Foto: Sake

Autor: Klawz
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