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Vincent Hausman (HOWL): We will make your ears bleed

Vincent Hausman (HOWL): We will make your ears bleed
BANDS : Howl

Howl is a relatively new name on the metal scene. The band was formed in 2006, but they released the first studio album - Full of Hell only in 2010. In April this year, the group released their second studio album - Bloodlines. We took the opportunity and have invited vocalist, guitarist and group leader Vincent Hausman to a quick chat:


Metalfan:  Hello and welcome to! What is so cool about Howl?
Vincent Hausman: Hello! What is so cool about Howl? Hahaha pick up our new record Bloodlines and judge for yourself!

Metalfan:  As this is  your first interview for, and if I'm not mistaken, for any publication from Romania at all, it would be great if you could tell us more about your band...
Vincent Hausman: Howl is a heavy metal band from the USA. We play aggressive metal, combining the styles of doom, sludge, death, and thrash metal. We're heavy as fuck. We tour a lot, and we will make your ears bleed. We really hope to come to Romania soon and play for you guys! Here is our Facebook page if you want more details about tour dates, releases, etc.

Metalfan:  On April 29th you have released your second album titled Bloodlines. Could you explain the meaning of this title?
Vincent Hausman: The title Bloodlines refers to how the lies, the hypocrisy and deceit of so many of our leaders have been passed down from generation to generation. The rampant pedophilia in the Catholic church is a good example; if you trace the "bloodlines" back from the abusive priest, you'll end up right at the top of the Vatican, as the previous pope Ratzinger's resignation demonstrated.

Metalfan: The artwork for Bloodlines is slightly different than the one for Full of Hell although it keeps the same style. What did you want to express?
Vincent Hausman: The art for Bloodlines was done by our friend Ryan Begley, who also did the art for Full of Hell, which explains the similarity in style. Ryan listened to Bloodlines and read the lyrics, and then began to draw. So the art is largely what he felt and saw in his mind's eye while listening to the album. I think if people listen to the record and look at the art they will see they work together well.

Metalfan:  Have you ever thought about using a mascot for Howl? Something like Eddie (Iron Maiden) or Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)?
Vincent Hausman: Hahaha no, I don't think we need a mascot for Howl. Maybe a giant penis with big red eyes and lasers shooting out of the eyes lighting a church on fire!

Metalfan:  Who would won in a wrestling match Eddie or Vic?
Vincent Hausman: I think Vic, because he has more whiskey in his blood.

Metalfan:  Are line-up changes good for bands? Does your band have a stable line up now?
Vincent Hausman: Lineup changes can be great for bands if they make the band better. I hope we have a stable lineup now, but you never know how people change over time.

Metalfan:  You have released a video for the song
Demonic off the album Bloodlines. Could you tell us more about how the shooting went?
Vincent Hausman: The shooting of the video for Demonic was all done in one day! It was crazy, we had to do the song so many times. And it was so fucking cold in the warehouse where we were filming. I almost broke my foot from jumping up and down on the concrete floor so many times! Check it out here:


Metalfan:  What's the last book that you have read? What's your favorite book?

Vincent Hausman: The last thing I read was a story called I Think You're Sweet about a monkey made of string that tries to convince a mouse made of string that they can be friends, and that everybody needs a hug sometimes. It was beautiful, and it made me appreciate monkeys and mice, and hugging. It was my favorite book ever.

Metalfan:  Jeff Hanneman has tragically passed away not long ago. What was your reaction upon hearing the news? What is your favourite Slayer album?
Vincent Hausman: I was sad that Jeff passed away, not just because of the huge loss to the metal community, but also because he was so young. It should be a warning to appreciate what you have, and to be careful with your liver. It's hard to say what my favorite Slayer album is, but if I had to choose I would choose Reign In Blood (1986). There's just too many good songs on that record. Fucking classics, all of them.

Metalfan:  A lot of people are saying that Mastodon is one of the best bands at this moment. Are they  like some kind of Gurus when it comes to metal for you?
Vincent Hausman: No. While we enjoy Mastodon's music very much, and appreciate their hard work, they are not like guru's to us. We do our own thing.


Metalfan:  What are your influences, the top five albums that have defined you as a musician?
Vincent Hausman:

1. Pantera - Far Beyond Driven (1994)
2. SepulturaArise (1991)
3. DeathSymbolic (1995)
4. Down  - NOLA (1995)
5. The BeatlesRevolver (1966)

Metalfan:  Is there any chance for Howl too play  in Romania soon? What is the most exotic place that you have ever played so far?
Vincent Hausman: I really hope we make it Romania soon! We should be touring in Europe this coming winter, so maybe we can come to Romania, and the metal fans can help us stay warm! I think the most exotic place we played was in a basement of a house in the US state of Missouri, in a town that was completely wiped off the map by a tornado two weeks after we played there.

Metalfan:  Thank you for your time and for the cool answers! Is there anything else  you would like to add?

Vincent Hausman: Thank you so much for the interview MetalFan, and to you for reading this! Pick up our new record Bloodlines, and bang your head! We hope to see you at a show soon!
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