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Benighted streams the latest album

Benighted streams the latest album
It’s time for you to enjoy fully the latest release created by the French brutal heads of Benighted. The new album “Necrobreed” will be physically released tomorrow, on the 17th of February. Meanwhile, you can explore the madness on the Season of Mist’s YouTube channel. “Necrobreed” makes use of the most appreciated marks that are specific to Benighted, which are all about grinding tendencies and death metal atrocities all rendered through the means of the modern violence.

And here are a few words from Benighted’s vocalist Julien Truchan: “Finally! It was hard to remain patient while eagerly waiting to unleash our new piece of madness, ‘Necrobreed’. We are so proud of this album, which contains the most intense and deranged tracks that we have ever made! Such brutal songs as ‘Reptilian’, ‘Forgive Me Father’, ‘Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia’... Shall set the world on fire. Be most welcome to our story of a twisted schizophrenic and his morbid way to build a family. Enjoy the sickness! Let’s get contaminated and spread the disease!” 

Do keep in mind that Benighted will embark on a European tour this year and two Romanian cities are included in their schedule, namely Bucharest with a show happening on the 25th of April at Fabrica and Cluj on the next day at Flying Circus. 
 Photo: Anthony Dubois

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