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Enjoy the first video covering a song from the newest Sólstafir album

Enjoy the first video covering a song from the newest Sólstafir album
Sólstafir has always been presenting some of the most gorgeous videos given those stunning cinematic features. From “Fjara” to “Miðaftann” we all have observed that the environment plays a great role in the band’s imagery and each story was set in a vast space which appears as important as the characters depicting the thrills of a certain song, including the musicians themselves in some cases, whose presence is just another part of the relief, one which is pretty loud and in accordance with the music’s heaviness. Hills, mountains and seas, these are the main backgrounds used for the illustration of the Sólstafir’s music and the video released today is no exception, although this time the viewer will spend more time in the forest. One week after the sixth full length of the Icelandic band is out, namely “Berdreyminn” and we have the first video covering a song taken from this new record. Directed by Nico Poalillo and Peter Beste, the video for “Silfur-Refur”, which is the opening song on the album, tells the story of a boy in a black robe who goes in a mysterious quest armed with its axe. The atmosphere goes in the vein of the Nordic mythologic episodes and we can see the band playing outdoor as usual, emphasizing the adventurous spirit of the song with its charming vocals, catchy riffs and brilliant rhythms.

Videos have always been a medium that we are taking seriously,” the band stated. “Therefore, we have worked with excellent visual artists like Bowen Staines and Vesa Ranta on previous clips. We are privileged to have been able to enlist the team of Nico Poalillo and Peter Beste to create the imagery for ‘Silfur-Refur’. They have directed and produced a video that beautifully illustrates our song – at least in our minds. We are giving Nico and Peter our heartfelt thanks for their amazing contribution to our musical vision. The video’s meaning is a puzzle, which we are leaving for you to solve as we don’t want to spoil your imagination spinning stories of its own. We sincerely hope that you enjoy ‘Silfur-Refur’ as much as we do.

Photo by Steinunn Lilja Draumland

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