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Necrowretch’s latest album is fully streaming on the internet

Necrowretch’s latest album is fully streaming on the internet
It’s time for you to get lost within a filthy and mind-bending death metal odyssey with the latest release of the French beasts called Necrowretch. “Satanic Slavery” is their third full length and will be out on the 14th of April as CD digipak and gatefold LP in various colours. It appears that Necrowretch shaped up a more powerful expression than what we could get from their previous releases and now we discover some fascinating thrash interventions instead of that blackened death touch. The black metal remained in Necrowretch’s music in the form of the Swedish melodic approach and now is intertwined with a thrash attitude that leads to the American way of making old school death metal. Thus, the French trio brings now a Possessed tinge, especially when it comes to the solos and even the sound keeps that certain enjoyable texture in the vein of the just-mentioned band. But things go beyond references with this new album of Necrowretch, so do get immersed into those cautious eyes on the cover artwork and listen to the whole record, which is now fully streaming on the Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.
For those who are keen to find some Necrowretch live experience, the band announced a couple of gigs at various festivals such as Lion Metal Fest in France (13th of May), Steelfest Open Air in Finland (19 and 20th of May), Forest Fest in Switzerland (14 and 15th of July), Fall of Summer near Paris (8 and 9th of September) and there will be some release parties as well in Turkey, namely in Istanbul and Izmir on the 23 and 24th of April.


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