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NOOKSTRAK tour to hit Romania and neighboring countries

NOOKSTRAK tour to hit Romania and neighboring countries

From the depths of the Czech Republic, after their conquest with The Korea, ready more than ever, and crushing everything in their way comes the technical deathcore machine Noostrak with their upcoming (The) Rebirth Tour 2013. The band is setting sale on May the 12th, and all of you better come out and see this awesome crew on their conquest of Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia.
12.05.2013 - AUSTRIA - Vienna -The Shelter 
13.05.2013 - CROATIA - Zapresic - Klub Austajder 
14.05.2013 - CROATIA - Zagreb - Glazbeni Klub Črnomerec 
15.05.2013 - CROATIA - Split - Club Kocka 
16.05.2013 - BOSNIA - Lukavac - Club BBCC 
17.05.2013 - BOSNIA - Bratunac - CB Peckham 
18.05.2013 - BOSNIA - Sarajevo - Club AG 
19.05.2013 - BOSNIA - Visoko - Club Kult
21.05.2013 - BOSNIA - Mostar - OKC ABRASEVIC 
22.05.2013 - SERBIA - Beograd - Klub Ladja, 5th floor 
24.05.2013 - ROMANIA - Oradea - The Abyss Metal Pub
25.05.2013 - ROMANIA - Cluj-Napoca- Irish & Music Pub 
26.05.2013 - ROMANIA - Sibiu - Bohemian Flow 
27.05.2013 - ROMANIA - Bucharest - Ageless Club 
28.05.2013 - ROMANIA - Carei - Ludy Live Music Pub
29.05.2013 - HUNGARY - Debrecen - Kaptar Music Club
30.05.2013 - HUNGARY - Szeged - Club Noir 
31.05.2013 - HUNGARY - Budapest - Szabad az Á
01.06.2013 - SLOVAKIA - Komarno - Rock Club 25
This 20 day tour will be one of the last tours in which the band will promote their first full length album Human Tragedies Every Day, of which they will play every song of it on the majority of shows. Noostrak plays quality progressive deathcore with technical death metal elements accompanied with mighty breakdowns and stunning blast beats that will leave the listener, and viewer speechless. They are a professional band that had numerous shows and tours, including a tour with the Russian giants The Korea, and an appearance on the Brutal Assault festival. An interesting thing is that the founding members were only 9 when they started out with Noostrak, which means you will get to see many years of dedication, practice, commitment, energy and strength in just one place, at your local show.
Their first full length is surely not all they will promote on The Rebirth Tour 2013, as this tour is a promo tour for one of the best metal festivals in the world - BRUTAL ASSAULT 2013. On this tour you can purchase BA tickets for a special promo price, and BA promo will be available on the whole tour. Brutal Assault is surely biggest metal festival in eastern Europe, and this years edition will host names such as In Flames, Messugah, Madball and many many others. This band is handpicked by the founders of Brutal Assault to promote their fine festival in the best manner they could - promote and at the same time CRUSH the venue of your local show. Tickets are available at distro in the venues at the tour, payable in euro only - 68€!!!
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