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Norwegian group Helheim releases new video

Norwegian group Helheim releases new video
Norwegian Viking black metal group Helheim reveals today a video covering a new song taken from their following album “landawarijaR”, which will be released this winter. The video for the “Baklengs mot intet” song was directed by Portuguese film director Guilherme Henriques, who worked for various metal bands around the globe such as Belphegor, Wormed or Netherbird

Regarding this new video work, the band stated “The videos ‘Baklengs mot intet’ and ‘Ymr’ give the best presentation of the new Helheim project, ‘landawarijaR’. While the theme of ‘Ymr’ is about establishing yourself through Norse arts and works, doing the metaphorical climb of Yggdrasil, the theme of ‘Baklengs mot Intet’ describes the inner battle, the bottomless despair and endless futility experienced by a walker of the Way. While ‘Ymr’ describes the climb up and the letting go from the top, ‘Baklengs mot intet’ describes the fall and its possible implications. Through these songs Helheim is continuing its exploration and modern interpretation of the darker aspects of the North-European pre-Christian culture, capturing the spirit of the heritage in ways elusive both to researchers and immaterial archaeologists.

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