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Prog death metal group Alkaloid releases new track from the upcoming album

Prog death metal group Alkaloid releases new track from the upcoming album
Alkaloid doesn’t point only to a class of chemical compounds and it may be translated as the next step in extreme progressive music. Gathering musicians who have played or keep on working with some of the most complex and crazy bands in our age, from Obscura and Necrophagist to Aborted, Demilich, Prostitute Disfigurement, Vomitory, Dark Fortress and many others, Alkaloid creates unconventional musical structures using both chaos and order, achieving thus what philosophers would call “coincidentia oppositorum”. “Liquid Anatomy” is the name of the band’s second full-length which will be out on the 18th of May, three years after the debut “The Malkuth Grimoire”. Here is the premiere of the first single taken from this upcoming album, called “Azagthoth”.

«It’s been three years since our debut full-length came out and we’re thrilled to finally give the world a glimpse of our newest effort, “Liquid Anatomy”, » said drummer Hannes Grossmann. «The track “Azagthoth” picks up on the Lovecraft theme (as revealed by the title) that was already featured on our previous album, which made it a perfect fit for the first single. All eight songs on the new album are drastically differing from each other as their stylistic and dynamic range is much wider than before. At the same time, we managed to create a cohesive record, on which every song can stand alone and simultaneously adds to the full picture. Even though “Azagthoth” comes across as quite catchy, it’s a very complex track with polyrhythmic time signatures. For example, I am playing the drums of the song’s chorus with my hands with a simple 4/4, while my feet and the guitars are mimicking a 5/8 that is running through the entire track. Well, this kind of musical complexity will not come as a surprise to listeners of our previous record. However, our song-writing does not focus on complexity or technicality. These things matter less than writing a great timeless and unique song that is not confined by any musical boundaries. This being said, I hope that you will like this song as much as we do. Have fun!» 

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