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Virus reveals new video for “Investigator”

Virus reveals new video for “Investigator”
A dramatic narrative within the atmosphere of a crime scene, with plenty of mysterious details is told through close-ups of iconic objects linked with the classic image of a detective, then some abstract places in wider shots and the thrilling effect of the water, all rendered in grey and green hues. The avant-garde rock music of Norwegian band Virus goes definitely hand in hand with this type of imagery due to its tension emerging from the jazz-like structures mixed with the rock and roll converted marks. In order to bring on a new video for the “Investigator” track, it seems that David Hall from Uneasy Sleeper, who created this one got influenced by the classics series “Columbo” featuring the notorious Peter Falk playing a sophisticated and smart detective, but it’s all kept in a subtle manner, so don’t expect to find action but feelings. The “Investigator” song is taken from the upcoming eponymous 7” LP, which will be released on the 21st of April by Karisma Records.

‘Investigator’ is dedicated to Culombo’s right eye... Peter Falck, who played the lead role in the classic detective series, had a glass eye, ” said vocalist and guitarist Carl-Michael Eide. “We believe that the eye was a separate character in the series and should have been credited as such. It should also have won the Oscar for best supporting actor many times during the seventies,” he added.

 Photo by Trine + Kim design studio

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