3 Inches of Blood

3 Inches of Blood Activa
Site: www.3inchesofblood.com/
Country: Canada
Cam Pipes - voce
Jamie Hooper - voce
Justin Hagberg - chitara
Shane Clark - chitara
Nick Cates - bas
Alexei Rodriguez - tobe


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Long Live Heavy Metal

Aparitie: 27.03.2012
Casa discuri: Century Media
3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal
01. Metal Woman02. My Sword Will Not Sleep03. Leather Lord04. Chief and the Blade05. Dark Messenger06. Look Out07. 4000 Torches08. Leave it on the Ice09. Die for Gold (Upon the Boiling Sea IV)10. Storming Juno11. Men of Fortune12. One For the Ditch

Here Waits Thy Doom

Aparitie: 31.08.2009
Casa discuri: Century Media
3 Inches of Blood - Here Waits Thy Doom
01. Battles and Brotherhood02. Rock In Hell03. Silent Killer04. Fierce Defender05. Preachers Daughter06. Call of the Hammer07. Snake Fighter08. At the Foot of the Great Glacier09. All of them Witches10. 12:3411. Execution Tank

Fire up the Blades

Aparitie: 28.05.2007
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
3 Inches of Blood - Fire up the Blades
01. Through The Horned Gate02. Night Marauders03. The Goatriders Horde04. Trial Of Champions05. God Of The Cold White Silence06. Forest King07. Demons Blade08. The Great Hall Of Feasting09. Infinite Legions10. Assassins Of The Light11. Black Spire12. The Hydra's Teeth13. Rejoice In The Fires Of Man's Demise