Ulver Activa
Country: Norvegia
Kristoffer Rygg (Garm) - voce
Tore Ylwizaker - programming
Jørn Sværen - tobe


Anul infiintarii: 1993


Bergtatt, 1994, Head Not Found
Kveldssanger, 1995, Head Not Found
Nattens Madrigal, 1996, Century Media
Themes From William Blake's Marriage, 1998, Jester
Metamorphosis, 1999, Jester
Perdition City, 2000, Jester
Silence Teaches You How To Sing, 2001, Jester
Silencing The Singing, 2001, Jester
Lyckantropen Themes, 2002, Jester
A Quick Fix Of Melancholy, 2003, Jester
Svidd Neger, 2003, Jester
Blood Inside, 2005, Jester


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The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Aparitie: 07.04.2017
Casa discuri: House of Mythology
Ulver - The Assassination of Julius Caesar
01. Nemoralia02. Rolling Stone03. So Falls the World04. Southern Gothic05. Angelus Novus06. Transverberation07. 196908. Coming Home


Aparitie: 04.02.2014
Casa discuri:
Ulver - Terrestrials
01. Let There Be Light02. Western Horn03. Eternal Return

Messe I.X-VI.X

Aparitie: 01.08.2013
Casa discuri: Neuropa Records
Ulver - Messe I.X-VI.X
01. As Syrians Pour in, Lebanon Grapples with Ghosts of a Bloody Past02. Shri Schneider03. Glamour Box (Ostinati)04. Son of Man05. Noche Oscura del Alma06. Mother of Mercy

The Norwegian National Opera

Aparitie: 05.12.2011
Casa discuri: Kscope Music
Ulver - The Norwegian National Opera
01. Moon Piece02. Eos03. Let the Children Go04. Little Blue Bird05. Rock Massif Part 206. For the Love of God07. Operator08. In the Red09. England10. Funebre11. Hallways of Always12. Theme from Silence Teaches You How to Sing13. A Cold Kiss (Porn Piece Part 2)14. A Memorable Fancy (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Plates 16-17)15. Like Music16. Not Saved17. Legs Piece

Wars of the Roses

Aparitie: 25.04.2011
Casa discuri: Kscope Music
Ulver - Wars of the Roses
01. February MMX02. Norwegian Gothic03. Providence04. September IV05. England06. Island07. Stone Angels

Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Aparitie: 07.12.1998
Casa discuri: Jester Records
Ulver - Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Disc 101. The Argument Plate 202. Plate 303. Plate 3 Following04. The Voice of the Devil Plate 405. Plates 5-606. A Memorable Fancy Plates 6-707. Proverbs of Hell Plates 7-1008. Plate 1109. Intro10. A Memorable Fancy Plates 12-1311. Plate 1412. A Memorable Fancy Plate 1513. Plates 16-17Disc 21. A Memorable Fancy Plates 17-202. Intro3. Plates 21-224. A Memorable Fancy Plates 22-245. Intro6. A Song of Liberty Plates 25-27