Unleashed Activa
Site: www.unleashed.se
Country: Suedia
City: Kungsangen
Johnny Hedlund - voce, bas
Fredrik Folkare - chitara
Thomas Olsson - chitara
Anders Schultz - tobe




Anul infiintarii: 1989



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Dawn of the Nine

Aparitie: 24.04.2015
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Unleashed - Dawn of the Nine
01. A New Day Will Rise02. they Came To Die03. Defenders of Midgard04. Where Is Your God Now?05. the Bolt Thrower06. Let the Hammer Fly07. Where Churches Once Burned08. Land of the Thousand Lakes09. Dawn of the Nine10. Welcome the Son of Thor!


Aparitie: 20.04.2012
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Unleashed - Odalheim
01. Fimbulwinter02. Odalheim03. White Christ04. The Hour of Defeat05. Gathering the Battalions06. Vinland07. Rise of the Maya Warriors08. By Celtic and British Shores09. The Soil of Our Fathers10. Germania11. The Great Battle of Odalheim

As Yggdrasil Trembles

Aparitie: 19.03.2010
Casa discuri: Nuclear Blast Records
Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles
01. Courage Today, Victory Tomorrow!02. So It Begins03. As Yggdrasil Trembles04. Wir kapitulieren niemals05. This Time We Fight06. Master of the Ancient Art07. Chief Einherjar08. Return Fire09. Far beyond Hell10. Dead to Me11. Yahweh and the Chosen Ones12. Cannibalistic Epidemic Continues13. Evil Dead (DEATH cover) (bonus track)

Hammer Battalion

Aparitie: 09.06.2008
Casa discuri: SPV
Unleashed - Hammer Battalion
01. The Greatest Of All Lies02. Long Before Winter's Call03. Your Children Will Burn04. Hammer Battalion05. This Day Belongs To Me06. Marching Off To War07. Entering The Hall Of The Slain08. Black Horizon09. Carved In Stone10. Warriors Of Midgard11. Midsummer Solstice12. Home Of The Brave13. I Want You Dead


Aparitie: 06.10.2006
Casa discuri: SPV
Unleashed - Midvinterblot
01. Blood of Lies02. This Is Our World03. We Must Join with Him04. Midvinterblot05. In Victory or Defeat06. Triumph or Genocide07. The Avenger08. Salvation of Mankind09. Psycho Killer10. The Witch11. I Have Sworn Allegiance12. Age of the Warrior13. New Dawn Rising14. Loyalty and Pride15. Valhalla Awaits

Sworn Allegiance

Aparitie: 26.07.2004
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Sworn Allegiance
01. Winterland02. Destruction (Of the Race of Men)03. Only the Dead04. The Longships Are Coming05. Helljoy06. Insane for Blood07. I Bring You Death08. Attack!09. CEO10. One Night in Nazareth11. Praised be the Lord12. Metalheads13. To Miklagard14. Long Live the Beast

Hell's Unleashed

Aparitie: 29.04.2002
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Hell's Unleashed
01. Don't Want to Be Born02. Hell's Unleashed03. Demoneater04. Fly Raven Fly05. Mrs. Minister06. Joy in the Sun07. Demons Rejoice08. We'll Come for You09. Triggerman10. Dissection Leftovers11. Peace, Piece by Piece12. Burnt Alive13. Your Head is Mine14. Made in Hell


Aparitie: 05.06.1997
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Warrior
01. Warmachine02. In Hellfire03. Mediawhore04. Down under Ground05. My Life for You06. Death Metal Victory07. Hero of the Land08. Löngt nid09. Born Deranged10. I Have Returned11. Ragnarök12. Your Pain my Gain13. The End


Aparitie: 27.02.1995
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Victory
01. Victims of War02. Legal Rapes03. Hail the New Age04. The Defender05. In the Name of God06. Precious Land07. Berserk08. Scream Forth Aggression09. Against the World10. Revenge

Across the Open Sea

Aparitie: 01.10.1993
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Across the Open Sea
01. To Asgaard We Fly02. Open Wide03. I Am God04. The One Insane05. Across the Open Se06. In the Northern Lands07. Forever Goodbye (2045)08. Execute Them All09. Captured10. Breaking the Law (cover Judas Priest)11. The General

Shadows in the Deep

Aparitie: 01.05.1992
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Shadows in the Deep
1. The Final Silence2. The Immortals3. A Life Beyond4. Shadows in the Deep5. Never Ending Hate6. Onward into Countless Battles7. Crush the Skull8. Bloodbath9. Land of Ice

Where No Life Dwells

Aparitie: 01.05.1991
Casa discuri: Century Media
Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells
01. Where No Life Dwells02. Dead Forever03. Before the Creation of Time04. For They Shall Be Slain05. If They Had Eyes06. The Dark One07. Into Glory Ride08. ...and the Laughter Has Died09. Unleashed10. Violent Ecstasy11. Where Life Ends