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ELVENKING: nou album

ELVENKING: nou album

Italienii de la Elvenking vor lansa pe 14 noiembrie, prin AFM Records, albumul intitulat Two Tragedy Poets (...And A Caravan Of Weird Figures), care va contine piesele:

01. The Caravan Of Weird Figures
02. Another Awful Hobs Tale
03. From Blood To Stone
04. Ask A Silly Question
05. She Lives At Dawn
06. The Winter Wake (versiune acustica)
07. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
08. My Own Spider's Web
09. Not My Final Song
10. The Blackest Of My Hearts
11. The Wanderer (versiune acustica)
12. Miss Conception
13. My Little Moon
14. Skywards 2008 (bonus track in editia Japoneza)

Exclusiv pe internet se va lansa un maxi-single continand piesele:

01. From Blood To Stone
02. The Perpetual Knot (versiune acustica)
03. The Winter Wake (versiune acustica)

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