Annihilator Activa
Tara: Canada
Oras: Vancouver
Dave Padden - voce
Jeff Waters - chitara
Curran Murphy - chitara
Sandor de Bretan - bass
Rob Falzano - baterie


Anul infiintarii: 1984


Alice in Hell, 1989, Roadrunner Records
Never, Neverland, 1990, Roadrunner Records
Set the World on Fire, 1993, Roadrunner Records
Bag of Tricks, 1994, Roadrunner Records
King of the Kill, 1994, Music for Nations
Refresh the Demon, 1996, Music for Nations
Remains, 1997, Music for Nations
Criteria for a Black Widow, 1999, Roadrunner Records
Carnival Diablos, 2001, SPV
Waking the Fury, 2002, SPV
All for You, 2004, Avalon
Schizo Deluxe, 2005, AFM Records

Ex membri:


Dennis Dubeau

Joe Comeau

Aaron Randall

Coburn Pharr

Randy Rampage

John Bates


Dave Scott Davis

Neil Goldberg

Anthony Greenham


Wayne Darley

Dave Scott (Richer)

Russell "The Woodsman" Bergquist


Ray Hartmann

Randy Black

Mike Mangini

Paul Malek



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For the Demented

Aparitie: 03.11.2017
Casa discuri: Silver Lining Music
Annihilator - For the Demented
01. Twisted Lobotomy02. One To Kill03. For The Demented04. Pieces Of You05. The Demon You Know06. Phantom Asylum07. Altering The Alter08. The Way09. Dark10. Not All There


Aparitie: 23.08.2013
Casa discuri: UDR
Annihilator - Feast
01. Deadlock02. No Way Out03. Smear Campaign04. No Surrender05. Wrapped Man06. Perfect Angel Eyes07. Demon Code08. Fight The World09. One Falls, Two Rise


Aparitie: 17.05.2010
Casa discuri: Earache Records
Annihilator - Annihilator
01. The Trend02. Coward03. Ambush04. Betrayed05. 25 Seconds06. Nowhere to Go07. The Other Side08. Death in Your Eyes09. Payback10. Romeo Delight (cover Van Halen)


Aparitie: 16.04.2007
Casa discuri: Steamhammer /SPV
Annihilator - Metal
01. Clown Parade02. Couple Suicide03. Army of One04. Downright Dominate05. Smothered06. Operation Annihilation07. Haunted08. Kicked09. Detonation10. Chasing the High

Ten Years in Hell

Aparitie: 21.02.2006
Casa discuri: SPV
Annihilator - Ten Years in Hell
DVD 1durata : 1h 52 min01. Intro02. Alison Hell03. Release Party04. TV Media One05. Stonewall06. TV Media Two07. TV Media Three08. Backstage09. Fun Palace LIVE10. TV Media Four11. Set The World On Fire12. KOTK back vocals13. King Of The Kill14. Jeff In Japan15. 2116. Only Be Lonely17. Syn. Kill I18. Criteria Rehearsal19. Alison & Homicide20. O Canada21. Ultraparanoia22. Pharr LIVE23. Rampage RawDVD 2durata : 1 h 50 min01. Pre Annihilator era02. Demo Days03. Alice In Hell04. Never, Neverland05. Set The World On Fire06. King Of The Kill07. Refresh & Remains08. Criteria09. Other releases10. Catch ya later11. Mike Mangini12. Neil Goldberg

Schizo Deluxe

Aparitie: 08.11.2005
Casa discuri: AFM Records
Annihilator - Schizo Deluxe
01. Maximum Satan02. Drive03. Warbird04. Plasma Zombies05. Invite It06. Like Father, Like Gun07. Pride08. Too Far Gone09. Clare10. Something Witchy

Waking the Fury

Aparitie: 21.03.2002
Casa discuri: SPV
Annihilator - Waking the Fury
01. Ultra-Motion02. Torn03. My Precious Lunatic Asylum04. Striker05. Ritual06. Prime-Time Killing07. The Blackest Day08. Nothing to Me09. Fire Power10. Cold Blooded

Set the World on Fire

Aparitie: 24.08.1993
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Annihilator - Set the World on Fire
01. Set the World on Fire02. No Zone03. Bats in the Belfry04. Snake in the Grass05. Phoenix Rising06. Knight Jumps Queen07. Sounds Good to Me08. The Edge09. Don't Bother Me10. Brain Dance

Never, Neverland

Aparitie: 12.09.1990
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Annihilator - Never, Neverland
01. The Fun Palace02. Road to Ruin03. Sixes and Sevens04. Stonewall05. Never, Neverland06. Imperiled Eyes07. Kraf Dinner08. Phantasmagoria09. Reduced to Ash10. I Am in Command

Alice in Hell

Aparitie: 05.09.1989
Casa discuri: Roadrunner
Annihilator - Alice in Hell
01. Crystal Ann02. Alison Hell03. W.T.Y.D. (Welcome to Your Death)04. Wicked Mystic05. Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade06. Word Salad07. Schizos (Are Never Alone) (Parts 1 & 2)08. Ligeia09. Human Insecticide