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The Source

Aparitie: 28.04.2017
Casa discuri: Mascot Records
Ayreon - The Source
Disc 11. The Day that the World Breaks Down2. Sea of Machines3. Everybody Dies4. Star of Sirrah5. All that Was6. Run! Apocalypse! Run!7. Condemned to LiveDisc 201. Aquatic Race02. The Dream Dissolves03. Deathcry of a Race04. Into the Ocean05. Bay of Dreams06. Planet Y Is Alive!07. The Source Will Flow08. Journey to Forever09. The Human Compulsion10. March of the Machines

The Theory of Everything

Aparitie: 28.10.2013
Casa discuri:
Ayreon - The Theory of Everything
Disc I01. Phase I: Singularity1 - Prologue: The Blackboard2 - The Theory of Everything (Part I)3 - Patterns4 - The Prodigy's World5 - The Teacher's Discovery6 - Love and Envy7 - Progressive Waves8 - The Gift9 - The Eleventh Dimension10 - Inertia11 - The Theory of Everything (Part II)02. Phase II: Simmetry1 - The Consultation2 - Diagnosis3 - The Argument I4 - The Rival's Dilemma5 - Surface Tension6 - A Reason to Live7 - Potential8 - Quantum Chaos9 - Dark Medicine10 - Alive!11 - The PredictionDisc II01. Phase III: Entanglement1 - Fluctuations2 - Transformation3 - Collision4 - Side Effects5 - Frequency Modulation6 - Magnetism7 - Quid pro quo8 - String Theory9 - Fortune?02. Phase IV: Unification1 - Mirror of Dreams2 - The Lighthouse3 - The Argument II4 - The Parting5 - The Visitation6 - The Breakthrough7 - The Note8 - The Uncertainty Principle9 - Dark Energy10 - The Theory of Everything (Part III)11 - The Blackboard (reprise)


Aparitie: 25.01.2008
Casa discuri: InsideOut
Ayreon - 1011001
01. Age Of Shadows (incl. "We Are Forever')02. Comatose03. Liquid Eternity04. Connect The Dots05. Beneath The Waves(a) Beneath The Waves(b) Face The Facts(c) But A Memory...(d) World Without Walls(e) Reality Bleeds06. Newborn Race(a) The Incentive(b) The Vision(c) The Procedure(d) Another Life(e) Newborn Race(f) The Conclusion07. Ride The Comet08. Web Of LiesDisc 2 - Earth:01. The Fifth Extinction(a) Glimmer of Hope(b) World of Tomorrow Dreams(c) Collision Course(d) From the Ashes(e) Glimmer of Hope (reprise)02. Waking Dreams03. The Truth Is In Here04. Unnatural Selection05. River of Time06. E=MC207. The Sixth Extinction(a) Echoes On The Wind(b) Radioactive Grave(c) 2085(d) To The Planet Of Red(e) Spirit On The Wind(f) Complete The Circle

The Human Equation

Aparitie: 25.05.2004
Casa discuri: InsideOut
Ayreon - The Human Equation
01. Day One - Vigil02. Day Two - Isolation03. Day Three - Pain04. Day Four - Mystery05. Day Five - Voices06. Day Six - Childhood07. Day Seven - Hope08. Day Eight - School09. Day Nine - Playground10. Day Ten - Memories11. Day Eleven - Love12. Day Twelwe - Trauma13. Day Thirteen - Sign14. Day Fourteen – Pride15. Day Fifteen - Betrayal16. Day Sixteen - Loser17. Day Seventeen – Accident?18. Day Eighteen – Realization19. Day Nineteen - Disclosure20. Day Twenty - Confrontation

Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer

Aparitie: 20.06.2000
Casa discuri: Transmission
Ayreon - Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer
01. The Dream Sequencer02. My House on Mars03. 208404. One Small Step05. The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq06. Dragon on the Sea07. Temple of the Cat08. Carried by the Wind09. And the Druids Turn to Stone10. The First Man on Earth11. The Dream Sequencer (Reprise)

Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator

Aparitie: 20.06.2000
Casa discuri: Transmission
Ayreon - Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator
1. Chaos2. Dawn of a Million Souls3. Journey on the Waves of Time4. To the QuasarI. The Taurus PulsarII. Quasar 3C2735. Into the Black HoleI. The Eye of the UniverseII. Halo of DarknessIII. The Final Door6. Through the Wormhole7. Out of the White HoleI. M31II. Planet YIII. The Search Continues8. To the Solar SystemI. Planet of BlueII. System Alert9. The New MigratorI. MetamorphosisII. Sleeper Awake