Misfits Activa
Site: www.misfits.com/
Tara: SUA
Oras: Lodi, New Jersey
Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa) – bas (1977–1983, 1995–), voce (2001–)
Dez Cadena – chitara, voce (2001–)
Eric "Chupacabra" Arce – tobe (2010–)


Glenn Danzig (Glenn Anzalone) – voce, pian (1977–1983)
Michale Graves (Michael Emanuel) – voce (1995–2000)
Jimmy Battle – chitara (1977)
Franché Coma (Frank Licata) – chitara (1977–1978)
Bobby Steele – chitara (1978–1980)
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Paul Caiafa) – chitara (1980–1983, 1995–2001)
Diane DiPiazza – bas (1977)
Manny Martínez – tobe (1977)
Mr. Jim (Jim Catania) – tobe (1978)
Joey Image (Joey Poole) – tobe (1978–1979)
Arthur Googy (Joseph McGuckin) – tobe (1980–1982)
Robo (Roberto Valverde) – tobe (1982–1983, 2005–2010)
Brian Damage (Brian Keats) – tobe (1983)
Dr. Chud (David Calabrese) – tobe (1995–2000)
Marky Ramone (Marc Bell) – tobe (2001–2005)

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The Devil's Rain

Aparitie: 04.10.2011
Casa discuri:
Misfits - The Devil's Rain
01. The Devil's Rain02. Vivid Red03. Land of the Dead04. The Black Hole05. Twilight of the Dead06. Curse of the Mummy's Hand07. Cold in Hell08. Unexplained09. Dark Shadows10. Father11. Jack the Ripper12. Monkey's Paw13. Where Do They Go?14. Sleepwalkin'15. Ghost of Frankenstein16. Death Ray

Static Age

Aparitie: 15.07.1997
Casa discuri: Caroline Records
Misfits - Static Age
01. Static Age02. TV Casualty03. Some Kinda Hate04. Last Caress05. Return of the Fly06. Hybrid Moments07. We Are 13808. Teenagers from Mars09. Come Back10. Angelfuck11. Hollywood Babylon12. Attitude13. Bullet14. Theme for a Jackal15. She16. Spinal Remains17. In the Doorway18. Untitled19. Untitled

Walk Among Us

Aparitie: 01.03.1982
Casa discuri: Slash Records
Misfits - Walk Among Us
01. 20 Eyes02. I Turned Into a Martian03. All Hell Breaks Loose04. Vampira05. Nike a Go Go06. Hatebreeders07. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight (live)08. Night of the Living Dead09. Skulls10. Violent World11. Devil's Whorehouse12. Astro Zombies13. Braineaters