Royal Hunt

Royal Hunt Activa
Tara: Danemarca
Oras: Copenhaga
John West - voce
Marcus Jidell - chitara
André Andersen - clape
Per Schelander - bas
Kenneth Olsen - tobe


Anul infiintarii: 1989



Land Of Broken Hearts, 1992, SPV


Clown in the Mirror, 1993, SPV

Moving Target, 1995, SPV

Paradox, 1997, SPV

Fear, 1999, SPV

The Mission, 2001, Century Media

Eye Witness, 2003, Frontier Records

Paper Blood, 2005, Frontier Records



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Future Coming from the Past

Aparitie: 02.12.2011
Casa discuri: Frontiers Records
Royal Hunt - Future Coming from the Past
Disc I (1996 / Live in Japan 1996)01. Flight02. 134803. Wasted Time04. Stay Down05. On the Run06. Stranded07. Keyboard Solo08. Martial Arts09. Far Away10. Last Goodbye11. Land of Broken Hearts12. Makin' a Mess13. Clown in the Mirror14. Guitar Solo15. Step by Step16. Drums & Bass Solo17. Running Wild18. Epilogue19. Age Gone Wild20. Ten to Life21. Legion of the Damned22. Kingdom Dark23. Time+ Material bonusDisc II (Paradox - Closing the Chapter / Live in Japan 1998)01. Ava Maria Guirani (Ennio Morricone)02. The Awakening03. River of Pain04. Tearing Down the World05. Message to God06. Long Way Home07. Time Will Tell08. Silent Scream09. It's Over+ Material bonus

Show Me How to Live

Aparitie: 29.11.2011
Casa discuri: Frontiers Records
Royal Hunt - Show Me How to Live
01. One More Day02. Another Man Down03. An Empty Shell04. Half Past Loneliness05. Hard Rain´s Coming06. Show Me How to Live07. Angel´s Gone

Paradox II: Collision Course

Aparitie: 14.03.2008
Casa discuri: Frontiers Records
Royal Hunt - Paradox II: Collision Course
01. Principles of Paradox02. The First Rock03. Exit Wound04. Divide and Reign05. High Noon at the Battlefield06. The Clan07. Blood In Blood Out08. Tears of the Sun09. Hostile Breed10. Chaos A.C.

Paper Blood

Aparitie: 06.06.2005
Casa discuri: Frontiers Records
Royal Hunt - Paper Blood
01. Break Your Chains02. Not My Kind03. Memory Lane04. Never Give Up05. Seven Days06. SK 98307. Kiss Of Faith08. Paper Blood09. Season's Change10. Twice Around The World