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Interview with Brian (Jig-Ai)

Interview with Brian (Jig-Ai)
BANDS : Jig-Ai

Hello Brian and welcome to Metalfan, I'm glad to talk with you again.
Hi Hellhammer, the same for me.





First of all, please tell us, how are going things lately with Jig Ai?
Everything is fine now. The most important thing is that we have finally finished our 2nd full CD. Plan was manage it one year ago, but we had still problems with time and other things.

Some time ago you have released your second full-lenght, "Katana Orgy". Why did you've choosed "Katana Orgy" as a title?
It is because of song  ´´Katana Orgy´´

Please tell us where did you have recorded this album and who was in charge with the production?
We were recording drums and vocals in studio Davos. They are our friends and everything was perfect – I mean recording proces. Other stuff including mix and master we did in Brain Sound Laboratories.  It is my own small studio. We do not use special person for production, but we had some guests for vocals like Vlakin from Ingrowing and Paul from Eardelete.  




What do you think that "Katana Orgy" brings new if you would compare it with your previous album "Jig-Ai"?
This is not question for me, but for fans and people who will make decision. In our opinion is the 2nd CD little bit faster and purer than 1st one. I mean pure  in sound.  Listen it and you can see if we bring something new or not 

From I've could hear on your myspace page, the new songs seem to be more technical than your previous work. Did you put in mind to change a little bit the direction of the band or this is just the way it happened? Please explain....
Yes. Some songs are faster and more technical, but still in Jig-Ai´s way. It was not purpose to change direction  and I think that we did not do that.  You can find also some slow and groovy songs too.
We still play music in Jig-Ai´s style.

The cover of "Katana Orgy" looks very interesting, who made the artwork for this album?
The cover looks interesting. It is true. However we have to change it for digipacks and for next press because of some problems with this cover. It is life.

I've seen that you've made some covers for Brutal Truth - Stench Of Prophet and Carcass - "Genital Grinder" and "Regurgitation Of Giblets". Did each member of the band choosed a track to cover or... Please tell us more about this....
We have chosen everything together. It is not like 1 member = 1cover. It is important for us to record and play songs that the whole band wants.  W had plenty of ideas of many songs from different kind of music, but we have chosen this three because we are fans of this bands and we like this songs.

Would you like to cover an unusual song for this genre for example like Tom Jones - "Sex Bomb" or Iggy Pop - "The Passanger" or something else? Why or why not?
We did it in our 1st CD with song Skákal pes VS. Pec nám spadla. It is a mix of 2 old traditional songs which everybody knows here in Czech. Maybe we will record something for future too, but I am not sure what it could be.

Why do you think that Czech Republic it has such a good death/grindcore scene. I could note bands like !T.O.O.H.!, Pathologist, Perversist and so on....
I don´t know. A lot of people want to know it.  The reason is maybe that many people in Czech support hard music. I mean If you compare how small is our country and how many gigs we have here. Czech bands can play many live shows here and it is motivation to improve your music.  Maybe…





In this autumn you will play a couple of shows at Mortal Fest in Martovce, Slovakia, Kinder  Grinder Fest no. 1 in Prague and so on.  Do you intend to make a tour for "Katana Orgy"?
No. We do not have time to make big tour due to our jobs. We prefer only minitours. For next year  is a plan to play some gigs in US, because we are confirmed for Maryland Death Fest.

Any chance to play a couple of shows in Romania?
There is a chance for gig of course but we do not have serious offer to play there. It is simple.

Also please tell me how could people from Romania could buy "Katana Orgy" and also your first album "Jig-Ai"?
You can buy everything through including merch (t-shirts, hoodies, etc. ) or you can ask some Romanian distros for our CD of course.  New merch is gonna be soon. Check these sites sometimes for news.  Next way how you can get it is to download it from internet through some illegal sites. So if you can not buy it just download it and thay buy some merch or that CD on our gig 

Wich is the latest album that have crushed your mind? Why?
In grindcore it is: Slavebreed – Pain Syndicate. Greek band. It is realy great album with good sound and the live show sonds great too.
In goregrind it is: Pisstolero – 3 way split with Yorpu and FlatV5, new czech goregrind. Total gore massacre!

Thank you for your time Brian and hope so see you in Romania soon. In the end would you like to send few words to our readres?
Hope to see you and your readers on some Jig-Ai gig. Listen some songs on our profiles and have a fun from grind! Thank you for interview.

Brain (Jig-Ai)

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