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Soundcheck 5 with Rob 'the Baron' Miller (AMEBIX)

Soundcheck 5 with Rob 'the Baron' Miller (AMEBIX)
BANDS : Amebix

Rob "The Baron" Miller, the lead vocalist of legendary British crust-punk/doom metal group, Amebix, was kind enough to speak exclusively for Metalfan Romania about the albums that have influenced him the most as a person and as musician.

Accept - Restless and Wild (1982)
I didn't really make the connection to AC/DC with this album.It was more about the chugging riffage of the Title track or the mad teutonic solioing on Fast as a Shark. I still find Udos voice an incredibly powerful, raging force. Princess of the Dawn had a simple building mystic quality, beautiful lyrics and evocative landscapes.


Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath (1984)   

I had never heard anything like this before. The comlex rythms and duelling guitars completely absorbed me as a young man in his late teens. Along with this I also still love Melissa (1983) , both albums had a fascination and complexity that still engages me.

Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980)
It is difficult to imagine the impact this album had on Amebix. The psychotic bad acid trip put to music,there was simply nothing anywhere that had this extreme a sound at that time,this was madness documented and recorded. The follow up What's THIS For...! (1981) also had a continuation of that sound, but later albums seemed to get swamped in a miasma of murkier sounds,at one point the band became almost embarrassingly trapped in the synth pop of the 80's. The new Millenium saw them purged and absolved of past sins entirely, on the strength of their Dave Grohl album and the recent masterpiece that is Absolute Dissent (2010).

The Stranglers - No More Heroes (1977)

Fingers up fuck you primal rock'n'roll from the punk masters! This is what I would listen to on my way to school, along with the Buzzcocks and Sham 69.

20 Fantastic Original Hits (Various Artists) (1973)

The first album I bought,at 10 years old,this had an earthshaking influence on me musically, Joe Cocker, The Move, T Rex and Procol Harum (listen to Homburg and then Knights of the Black Sun) these were profound lyricists.

Metalfan: What's the album you want to be remembered for?

Rob 'the Baron' Miller Sonic Mass is the album I would like to be remembered for, it is heads and shoulders above anything we have ever done.

The new Amebix studio album  will be released on September the 23rd, folllowing a  24-years break. The album which will be called Sonic Mass will be published by Amebix Records / Easyaction. The band's latest studio album is Monolith (1987)
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