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THE PSYKE PROJECT: To compose music is like cheating life

THE PSYKE PROJECT: To compose music is like cheating life
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Metalfan: Hello Martin. As this is the first interview of The Psyke Project for Metalfan, please introduce the band to our readers. Who are you and what do you want?
Martin: Hallo my name is Martin and I am the singer in psyke project. I am the one who make all the screaming. The Psyke Project is a hardcore band witch is playing dark and melodic hardcore, with a twist of brutality and chaos…. J    

Metalfan: Is it not weird to come from Denmark and play sludge/mathcore? Most of the bands from Northern Europe usually play black metal....
Martin: Yeah, but in Denmark the Hardcore scene is bigger than the Black Metal scene.  Metal has many names. Is it Hardcore Metal or Black Metal – it doesn’t matter to me. For me the lyrics are really important - it is the way you choose your style (negative or positive) and in TPP we try to combine the brutal Hardcore music with a positive way of seeing life. But in the end we all just want to play metal…J   

Metalfan: Last year you have released your third full-lenght if I'm right, "Apnea". What does  "Apnea" mean?
Martin: Yep that is correct. Apnea means shortness of breath or respitorical stop.
Metalfan: Where  have you recorded this album? Who was in charge with the production?
Martin: We recorded Apnea in a Danish studio called AntFarm Studio and the man behind the buttons is the producer Tue Madsen.   

Metalfan: In which way is it different from your previous album, "Daikini"?
Martin: Where Daikini is the more dark and introvert album, Apnea opens up and focuses more on both the dark and the beautiful atmospheres, but still keeps the nerve and brutality as seen on our former albums.

Metalfan: I know that almost all the musicians say that the last album is the best. Do you agree with this statement?
Martin: As a musician you always change your perception of music, and when you make some new shit, you will automatically think that the new stuff is most interesting. Apnea is the third album and with that we have tried to keep some of the dark things from Daikini, just mixed with some “straight ahead and more chaotic songs” and I really think it works out pretty good.    
Metalfan: What are the things that have inspired you for this album? Music, events, people....
Martin: All the people around me - my family, friends and loved ones. And the band Buried Inside, which in my opinion is one of the greatest bands in the world. Check them out - they fucking rock!  

Metalfan: I know that you have released a video for the song "I Get Paralyzed". What can you tell us about that video and why did you choose that song?
Martin: We chose to follow up “I get paralyzed” with a video, as it was our first single release from Apnea. The video is a visual metaphor for the theme in the lyrics of the song. It’s about getting stunned (paralyzed) emotionally. Watch it – it’s paralyzing!!!



Metalfan: What is more important for you when you think to your music, to be chaotic and brutal or to be chaotic and complex?
Martin: One thing is not more important to us than the other. For us it is important to have various aspects in the music to be able create diversity.

Metalfan:  A lot of bands, for example Lamb of God have released 'till now three DVDs. Aren't you thinking to release such a material?

Martin: We have actually been working on a DVD project for quite some time now. There is no actual release date yet as it is an ongoing process, but we can guarantee it will contain some juicy stuff wooo woo. Btw I love the one Converge made, (The Long Road home)   

Metalfan: Which are the albums that have marked you as person and you think that are esential?
Martin: That must be Daikini, because I really love the dark and melodic side to it. But also with Daikini we established ourselves on the Scandinavian Metal Scene, which gave us a lot of amazing concerts.  

Metalfan: How are things going with Lifeforce Records? Also, what are your favorite bands from Lifeforce Records?
Martin: It is going just fine, a lot of great things have happened to us since we signed with Lifeforce and we are very appreciative of that. I really can’t say which LF bands are my favourite…. they have so many cool bands.

Metalfan: What do you enjoy the most: to be in the studio and compose music or to be on the road and kick it live?
Martin: Good question. I love both. To compose music is like cheating life, you're getting the same feeling like when you having sex, it is beautiful. Playing live with your band that is your best friends, that’s just perfect.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Martin, hope to see The Psyke Project here in Romania someday. In the end would you like to transmit something to our readers or to add something?
Martin: Remember to listen to metal for ever and ever and ever… and of course take care of your heart - that is what keeps you alive! Have an excelent day!

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