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LOT OF RAGE: Lake of Tears & Rage in Bucharest

LOT OF RAGE: Lake of Tears & Rage in Bucharest


Metalfan proudly presents a new event: Lot Of Rage, on the 8th September 2007 at Arenele Romane, Bucharest.

One and a half years after their first show in Romania, which was a huge success and raised immensely positive reactions from both fans and media, the Swedes from Lake of Tears return to Bucharest with a new album to promote, together with Rage – one of the best German power-metal bands. The Romanian band Thunderstorm will play as opening act.

11th March 2006 meant both the first concert organized by and the first Lake of Tears show in Romania, as well as a dream come true for 1700 fans, and also deep sorrow for others. The Swedes generated such a hysteria that the show was sold-out two weeks before it took place, taking by surprise both the band and the promoters. The thousands of fans who listened to the concert with tears in their eyes, outside the Agronomia Hall, don't have to worry this time: the event "Lot of Rage" takes place at Arenele Romane, a venue with a much bigger capacity, so that anyone that might be interested to attend can do so.

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The show begins at 18:30, and the access into the venue will be allowed starting with 17:30.

The tickets will still be available at the regular selling points until Friday, 7th September, inclusively. A complete list of selling points can be found on or

On the day of the show, tickets will be available for sale directly at the venue at the same price of 65 RON.

The access at the show is strictly forbidden with the following:
- blunt objects (umbrellas also included – in case of raining, please use rain-capes), side arms or similar objects and outfits or accessories that can be qualified as such and harm people
- drinks of any kind
- video cameras
- drugs of any kind

To avoid misunderstandings with the security and organizing team, we kindly ask you to take into consideration these conditions. The promoters of the event will not keep these objects for the duration of the concert. You are simply not allowed to enter the concert carrying them.  

Photo cameras of any kind are allowed!

Children under 5 years old and baby strollers are not advisable to be at the show.
Still, if you’d like to attend the concert with your family, it is NOT necessary to buy a ticket for children under 6 years old. Please take with you a copy of the birth certificate, to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the age.

After your ticket has been checked at the entrance, it loses it’s availability. If you decide to exit the venue, you need a new ticket to enter again.

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  • hip hip hooray, rage!!! bestios live :D

    1. Posted by slimey | 21 Iunie 2007 17:45
  • Nice...

    2. Posted by Mikix | 21 Iunie 2007 18:25
  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage

    3. Posted by Fuck Off | 21 Iunie 2007 19:29
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