Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Detroit, Michigan
Alice Cooper - voce
Ryan Roxie - chitara
Damon Johnson - chitara
Chuch Garric - bas
Tommy Clufetos - baterie



Pretties for You, 1969, Straight

Easy Action, 1970, Straight

Love It to Death
, 1971, Warner

, 1971, Warner

School's Out
, 1972, Warner

Billion Dollar Babies
, 1973, Warner

Muscle of Love
, 1973, Warner

Welcome to My Nightmare
, 1974, Atlantic

Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
, 1976, Warner

Lace and Whiskey
, 1977, Warner

From the Inside
, 1978, Warner

Flush the Fashion
, 1980, Warner

Special Forces
, 1981, Warner

Zipper Catches Skin
, 1982, Warner

, 1983, Warner

, 1986, MCA

Raise Your Fist and Yell
, 1987, MCA

, 1989, Epic

Hey Stoopid
, 1991, Epic

The Last Temptation
, 1994, Epic

Brutal Planet
, 2000, Spitfire

, 2001, Spitfire

The Eyes of Alice Cooper
, 2003, Eagle

Dirty Diamonds, 2005, Spitfire



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Aparitie: 28.07.2017
Casa discuri: Earmusic
Alice Cooper - Paranormal
01. Paranormal02. Dead Flies03. Fireball04. Paranoiac Personality05. Fallen In Love06. Dynamite Road07. Private Public Breakdown08. Holy Water09. Rats10. The Sound of A11. Genuine American Girl (bonus)12. You and All of Your Friends (bonus)

Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Aparitie: 09.09.2011
Casa discuri: Bigger Picture Music Group
Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare
01. I Am Made of You02. Caffeine03. The Nightmare Returns04. A Runaway Train05. Last Man on Earth06. The Congregation07. I'll Bite Your Face Off08. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever09. Ghouls Gone Wild10. Something to Remember Me by11. When Hell Comes Home12. What Baby Wants13. I Gotta Get Outta Here14. The Underture

Dirty Diamonds

Aparitie: 04.07.2005
Casa discuri: Spitfire Records
Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds
01. Woman Of Mass Destruction02. You Make Me Wanna03. Perfect04. Dirty Diamonds05. Pretty Ballerina06. Sunset Babies (All Got Babies)07. Zombie Dance08. The Saga Of Jesse Jane09. Six Hours10. Steal That Car11. Run Down The Devil12. Your Own Worst Enemy

The Eyes of Alice Cooper

Aparitie: 23.09.2003
Casa discuri: Spitfire Records
Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper
01. What Do You Want From Me?02. Between High School & Old School03. Man of the Year04. Novocaine05. Bye Bye, Baby06. Be With You Awhile07. Detroit City08. Spirits Rebellious09. This House Is Haunted10. Love Should Never Feel Like This11. The Song That Didn't Rhyme12. I'm So Angry13. Backyard Braw

Brutal Planet

Aparitie: 06.06.2000
Casa discuri: Spitfire Records
Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet
01. Brutal Planet02. Wicked Young Man03. Sanctuary04. Blow Me a Kiss05. Eat Some More06. Pick Up the Bones07. Pessi-Mystic08. Gimme09. It's the Little Things10. Take It Like a Woman11. Cold Machines

Hey Stoopid

Aparitie: 02.07.1991
Casa discuri: Epic Records
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
01. Hey Stoopid02. Love's a Loaded Gun03. Snakebite04. Burning Our Bed 405. Dangerous Tonight06. Might as Well Be onMars07. Feed My Frankenstein08. Hurricane Years09. Little by Little10. Die for You11. Dirty Dreams12. Wind-up Toy


Aparitie: 27.07.1989
Casa discuri: Epic Records
Alice Cooper - Trash
01. Poison02. Spark in the Dark03. House of Fire04. Why Trust You05. Only My Heart Talkin'06. Bed of Nails07. This Maniac's in Love with You08. Trash09. Hell Is Living without You10. I'm Your Gun

Flush the Fashion

Aparitie: 27.04.1980
Casa discuri: Warner Bros
Alice Cooper - Flush the Fashion
01. Talk Talk02. Clones (We're All)03. Pain04. Leather Boots05. Aspirin Damage06. Nuclear Infected07. Grim Facts08. Model Citizen09. Dance Yourself to Death10. Headlines

Welcome to My Nightmare

Aparitie: 01.02.1975
Casa discuri: Atlantic Records
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
01. Welcome to My Nightmare02. Devil's Food03. The Black Widow04. Some Folks05. Only Women Bleed06. Department of Youth07. Cold Ethyl08. Years Ago09. Steven10. The Awakening11. Escape

Pretties for You

Aparitie: 01.08.1969
Casa discuri: Enigma Retro
Alice Cooper - Pretties for You
01. Titanic Overture02. 10 Minutes Before the Worm03. Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio04. Today Mueller05. Living06. Fields of Regret07. No Longer Umpire08. Levity Ball (Live)09. B.B. on Mars10. Reflected11. Apple Bush12. Earwigs to Eternity13. Changing Arranging