Metal Church

Metal Church Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Seattle
Ronny Munroe - voce
Kurt Vanderhoof - chitara
Rick van Zandt - chitara
Steve Unger - Bas
Jeff Plate - tobe

Jay Reynolds - chitara
Kirk Arrington - tobe (1983-2006)
Duke Erickson - bas (1983-1999)
Craig Wells - chitara (1983-1998)
John Marshall - chitara (1989-1993, 1999)
David Wayne - voce (1983-1989, 1998-1999)
Mike Howe - voce (1989-1993)


Anul infiintarii: 1983

Nume precedente: Shrapnel


Metal Church, 1984, Ground Zero


The Dark, 1986, Elektra Records


Blessing in Disguise, 1989, Elektra Records


The Human Factor, 1991, Elektra Records


Hanging in the Balance, 1993, Elektra Records


Live, 1998


Masterpiece, 1999


The Weight of the World, 2004


A Light in the Dark, 2006(29.05), SPV


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This Present Wasteland

Aparitie: 23.09.2008
Casa discuri: SPV
Metal Church - This Present Wasteland
01. In The Company Of Sorrow02. Perfect Crime03. Deeds Of A Dead Soul04. Meet Your Maker05. Monster06. Crawling to Extinction07. War Never Won08. Mass Hysteria09. Breathe Again10. Congregation

A Light in the Dark

Aparitie: 29.05.2006
Casa discuri: SPV
Metal Church - A Light in the Dark
01. A Light in the Dark02. Beyond All Reason03. Mirror of Lies04. Disappear05. The Believer06. Temple of the Sea07. Pill for the Kill08. Son of the Son09. More than Your Master10. Blinded by Life11. Watch the Children Pray

Hanging in the Balance

Aparitie: 01.01.1994
Casa discuri: Rising Sun
Metal Church - Hanging in the Balance
01. Gods of Second Chance02. Losers in the Game03. Hypnotized04. No Friend of Mine05. Waiting for a Savior06. Conductor07. Little Boy08. Down to the River09. End of the Age10. Lovers and Madmen11. A Subtle War

The Human Factor

Aparitie: 26.03.1991
Casa discuri: Epic Records
Metal Church - The Human Factor
01. The Human Factor02. Date with Poverty03. The Final Word04. In Mourning05. In Harm's Way06. In Due Time07. Agent Green08. Flee from Reality09. Betrayed10. The Fight Song

Blessing In Disguise

Aparitie: 22.02.1989
Casa discuri: Elektra
Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise
1. Fake Healer2. Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)3. Of Unsound Mind4. Anthem to the Estranged5. Badlands6. The Spell Can't Be Broken7. It's a Secret8. Cannot Tell a Lie9. The Powers That Be

The Dark

Aparitie: 07.07.1986
Casa discuri: Elektra
Metal Church - The Dark
01. Ton of Bricks02. Start the Fire03. Method to Your Madness04. Watch the Children Pray05. Over My Dead Body06. The Dark07. Psycho08. Line of Death09. Burial at Sea10. Western Alliance

Metal Church

Aparitie: 01.01.1984
Casa discuri: Ground Zero Records
Metal Church - Metal Church
1. Beyond the Black2. Metal Church3. Merciless Onslaught4. Gods of Wrath5. Hitman6. In the Blood7. (My Favorite) Nightmare8. Battalions9. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)