Running Wild

Running Wild Desfiintata
Data desfiintarii: 30.07.2009
Tara: Germania
Oras: Hamburg
Rolf Kasparek - voce, chitara
Peter Jordan - chitara
Matthias Liebetruth - tobe

Michael "Majk Moti" Kupper - chitara
Axel "Morgan" Kohlmorgen - chitara
Thilo Hermann - chitara
Jens Becker - bas
Thomas "Bodo" Smuszynski - bas
Wolfgang "Hasche" Hagemann - tobe
Stefan Schwarzmann - tobe
Jörg Michael - tobe

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Rapid Foray

Aparitie: 26.08.2016
Casa discuri: SPV
Running Wild - Rapid Foray
01. Black Skies, Red Flag02. Warmongers03. Stick to Your Guns04. Rapid Foray05. By the Blood in Your Heart06. The Depth of the Sea (Nautilus)07. Black Bart08. Hellectrified09. Blood Moon Rising10. Into the West11. Last of the Mohicans


Aparitie: 04.10.2013
Casa discuri: Steamhammer
Running Wild - Resilient
01. Soldiers of Fortune02. Resilient03. Adventure Highway04. The Drift05. Desert Rose06. Fireheart07. Run Riot08. Down to the Wire09. Crystal Gold10. Bloody Island


Aparitie: 23.04.2012
Casa discuri: SPV
Running Wild - Shadowmaker
01. Piece of the Action02. Riding on the Tide03. I Am Who I Am04. Black Shadow)05. Locomotive06. Me & the Boys07. Shadowmaker08. Sailing Fire09. Into the Black10. Dracula

The Brotherhood

Aparitie: 25.02.2002
Casa discuri: G.U.N. Records
Running Wild - The Brotherhood
01. Welcome to Hell02. Soulstrippers03. The Brotherhood04. Crossfire05. Siberian Winter06. Detonator07. Pirate Song08. Unation09. Dr. Horror10. The Ghost

The Rivalry

Aparitie: 09.02.1998
Casa discuri: G.U.N. Records
Running Wild - The Rivalry
01. March of the Final Battle (the End of All Evil)02. The Rivalry03. Kiss of Death04. Firebreather05. Return of the Dragon06. Resurrection07. Ballad of William Kidd08. Agents of Black09. Fire & Thunder10. The Poison11. Adventure Galley12. Man on the Moon13. War & Peace


Aparitie: 30.10.1995
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Masquerade
01. The Contract / The Crypts of Hades02. Masquerade03. Demonized04. Black Soul05. Lions of the Sea06. Rebel at Heart07. Wheel of Doom08. Metalhead09. Soleil Royal10. Men in Black11. Underworld

Black Hand Inn

Aparitie: 24.03.1994
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Black Hand Inn
01. The Curse02. Black Hand Inn03. Mr. Deadhead04. Soulless05. The Privateer06. Fight the Fire of Hate07. The Phantom of Black Hand Hill08. Freewind Rider09. Powder & Iron10. Dragonmen11. Genesis (the Making and the Fall of Man)

Pile of Skulls

Aparitie: 05.11.1992
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Pile of Skulls
01. Chamber of Lies02. Whirlwind03. Sinister Eyes04. Black Wings of Death05. Fistful of Dynamite06. Roaring Thunder07. Pile of Skulls08. Lead or Gold09. White Buffalo10. Jennings' Revenge11. Treasure Island

Blazon Stone

Aparitie: 04.04.1991
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Blazon Stone
01. Blazon Stone02. Lonewolf03. Slavery04. Fire & Ice05. Little Big Horn06. Over the Rainbow (instrumental)07. White Masque08. Rolling Wheels09. Bloody Red Rose10. Straight to Hell11. Heads or Tails

Death or Glory

Aparitie: 08.11.1989
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Death or Glory
01. Riding the Storm02. Renegade03. Evilution04. Running Blood05. Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)06. Marooned07. Bad to the Bone08. Tortuga Bay09. Death or Glory10. The Battle of Waterloo

Port Royal

Aparitie: 26.09.1988
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Port Royal
01. Intro02. Port Royal03. Raging Fire04. Into the Arena05. Uaschitschun06. Final Gates07. Conquistadores08. Blown to Kingdom Come09. Warchild10. Mutiny11. Calico Jack

Under Jolly Roger

Aparitie: 01.01.1987
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger
01. Under Jolly Roger02. Beggar's Night03. Diamonds of the Black Chest04. War in the Gutter05. Raise Your Fist06. Land of Ice07. Raw Ride08. Merciless Game

Branded and Exiled

Aparitie: 01.01.1985
Casa discuri: Noise Records
Running Wild - Branded and Exiled
01.Branded and Exiled02.Gods of Iron03.Realm of Shades04.Mordor05.Fight the Oppression06.Evil Spirit07.Marching to Die08.Chains and Leather