Soundgarden Activa
Tara: SUA
Oras: Seattle, Washington
Chris Cornell - voce
Kim Thayil - chitara
Ben Shepherd - bas
Matt Cameron - tobe

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King Animal

Aparitie: 13.11.2012
Casa discuri: Sound Mind Music
Soundgarden - King Animal
01. Been Away Too Long02. Non-State Actor03. By Crooked Steps04. A Thousand Days Before05. Blood on the Valley Floor06. Bones of Birds07. Taree08. Attrition09. Black Saturday10. Halfway There11. Worse Dreams12. Eyelid's Mouth13. Rowing

Down on the Upside

Aparitie: 21.05.1996
Casa discuri: A and M Records
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
01. Pretty Noose02. Rhinosaur03. Zero Chance04. Dusty05. Ty Cobb06. Blow Up the Outside World07. Burden in My Hand08. Never Named09. Applebite10. Never the Machine Forever11. Tighter & Tighter12. No Attention13. Switch Opens14. Overfloater15. An Unkind16. Boot Camp


Aparitie: 08.03.1994
Casa discuri: A and M Records
Soundgarden - Superunknown
01. Let Me Drown02. My Wave03. Fell on Black Days04. Mailman05. Superunknown06. Head Down07. Black Hole Sun08. Spoonman09. Limo Wreck10. The Day I Tried to Live11. Kickstand12. Fresh Tendrils13. 4th of July14. Half15. Like Suicide


Aparitie: 08.11.1991
Casa discuri: A and M Records
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
01. Rusty Cage02. Outshined03. Slaves & Bulldozers04. Jesus Christ Pose05. Face Pollution06. Somewhere07. Searching with My Good Eye Closed08. Room a Thousand Years Wide09. Mind Riot10. Drawing Flies11. Holy Water12. New Damage

Louder Than Love

Aparitie: 05.09.1989
Casa discuri: A and M Records
Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
01. Ugly Truth02. Hands All Over03. Gun04. Power Trip05. Get on the Snake06. Full on Kevin's Mom07. Loud Love08. I Awake09. No Wrong No Right10. Uncovered11. Big Dumb Sex12. Full On (Reprise)

Ultramega OK

Aparitie: 31.10.1988
Casa discuri: S.S.T.
Soundgarden - Ultramega OK
01. Flower02. All Your Lies03. 66504. Beyond the Wheel05. 66706. Mood for Trouble07. Circle of Power08. He Didn't09. Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf cover)10. Nazi Driver11. Head Injury12. Incessant Mace13. One Minute of Silence


SOUNDGARDEN: piesa 'Storm' disponibila online

SOUNDGARDEN: piesa 'Storm' disponibila online

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SOUNDGARDEN: piesa 'Been Away Too Long' disponibil...

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SOUNDGARDEN: un nou album de studio

SOUNDGARDEN lanseaza primul album live

Premiile Grammy - nominalizarile metal si hard roc...

SOUNDGARDEN: editie deluxe 'Telephantasm' (VIDEO)

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Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN): 'Facem ce vrem!'

SOUNDGARDEN: detalii despre albumul 'Telephantasm'

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Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN) este furios!

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