Grave Digger

Grave Digger Activa
Country: Germania
Chris Boltendahl - voce
Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt - chitara
Jens Becker - bas
H.P. Katzenburg - clape
Stefan Arnold - tobe

Peter Masson - chitara
Willi Lackmann - bas
C.F. Brank - bas
Tomi Göttlich - bas
Albert Eckardt - tobe
Jörg Michael - tobe
Frank Ullrich - tobe


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Healed by Metal

Aparitie: 13.01.2017
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Grave Digger - Healed by Metal
01. Healed by Metal02. When Night Falls03. Lawbreaker04. Forever Free05. Call for War06. Ten Commandments of Metal07. The Hangman's Eye08. Kill Ritual09. Hallelujah10. Laughing With the Dead

The Clans are Still Marching

Aparitie: 07.03.2011
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Grave Digger - The Clans are Still Marching
01. Intro: Scotland the Brave [Featuring Bauluy Muluy Pipes & Drums Band]02. Scotland United03. The Dark of the Sun04. William Wallace (Braveheart)05. The Bruce06. The Battle of Flodden07. The Ballad of Mary [Featuring Doro]08. The Truth09. Cry for Freedom10. Killing Time11. Rebellion [Featuring Hansi Kürsch]12. Culloden Muir13. Ballad of a Hangman14. Excalibur15. Heavy Metal Breakdown- Behind the Scenes- Interviu in engleza- Interviu in germana- Axel Ritt's iPhone Clips- Highland Farewell [Video Clip]- Galerie foto

The Clans Will Rise Again

Aparitie: 01.10.2010
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Grave Digger - The Clans Will Rise Again
01. Days of Revenge02. Paid in Blood03. Hammer of the Scots04. Highland Farewell05. The Clans Will Rise Again06. Rebels07. Valley Of Tears08. Execution09. Whom the Gods Love Die Young10. Spider11. The Piper Mcleod12. Coming Home13. When Rain Turns to Blood

Ballads of a Hangman

Aparitie: 09.02.2009
Casa discuri: Napalm Records
Grave Digger - Ballads of a Hangman
01. The Gallows Pole02. Ballad of a Hangman03. Hell of Disillusion04. Sorrow of the Dead05. Grave of the Addicted06. Lonley the Innocence Dies07. Into the War08. The Shadow of Your Soul09. Funeral for a Fallen Angel10. Stormrider11. Pray

Liberty or Death

Aparitie: 12.01.2007
Casa discuri: Locomotive Music
Grave Digger - Liberty or Death
01.Liberty Or Death02.Ocean Of Blood03.Highland Tears04.Terrible One, The05.Until The Last King Died06.March Of The Innocent07.Silent Revolution08.Shadowland09.Forecourt To Hell10.Massada


Aparitie: 06.09.1999
Casa discuri: G.U.N. Records
Grave Digger - Excalibur
01. The Secrets of Merlin02. Pendragon03. Excalibur04. The Round Table (Forever)05. Morgane Le Fay06. The Spell07. Tristan's Fate08. Lancelot09. Mordred's Song10. The Final War11. Emerald Eyes12. Avalon