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Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna): "Peace n Love!"

Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna):
BANDS : Cult of Luna



Metalfan: Hello guys, this is your first interview for Metalfan, so please tell us more about your band...
Magnus: Hi, we started out almost 10 years ago. So far we have released five albums (plus some 7" vinyls) and toured all over Europe and America. Currently we are 8 members in the band and live we usually are between 6 and 8 people playing. For more info see our biography.

Metalfan: Your music has been described in many ways from atmospheric sludge, progressive metal, doom metal, post rock and even post hardcore, which description do you think is the best for Cult of Luna?
Magnus: Well, people can call us whatever they want. Personally I dont have any need to put a specific label on us. If I had to I would say like slow heavy experimental rock music.

Metalfan: You are playing since '98, only 10 years have passed and you are regarded as a cult grup in your genre. What do you think that Cult of Luna have and the other bands don't?
Magnus: Hopefully because we continously are putting out quality music!

Metalfan: How much do you think that signing to Earache helped you as a band?
Magnus: Well at first it meant that we could get our music out to more people since they are a bigger label than we had before that.

Metalfan: Do you think that talent is the only thing you need to succed as a band?
Magnus: No. You definitely need talent, but you also need to play live alot and maybe have a little bit of luck aswell. Also, there are way too many bands out there, so I think you need to have something special in order to get attention these days.



Metalfan: On the 16th June you have released a new album titled "Eternal Kingdom", how is different this album comparing it with your previous albums?
Magnus: It's difficult comparing albums, all of them are different. Eternal Kingdom is probably a little more straight forward than the previous one.

Metalfan: I know that it is based on a writing called "Tales of the Eternal Kingdom", please can you tell us more about the story behind the album...?
Magnus: All the lyrics are translations and interpretations of that book, which is written by a now deceased mental patient called Holger Nilsson. Combine the lyrics and the artwork and you will get an idea of what was going on in his mind.

Metalfan: As far as I know this is not a book and more a writing, or lets call it an unoficial book. How do you think that people will recieve this album?
Magnus: The album has been out for a while now and its been greatly received by the press and the people. Feels great.

Metalfan: Aren't you afraid that most of the people won't understand the story?
Magnus: Not at all.

Metalfan: Where did you record the album? How long did the recordings take?
Magnus: As usual I recorded and mixed everything at Tonteknik Recording in Umeå. It was a pretty fast process because we where in a lot of hurry to get it out in time. I think it took around 30-35 days in total.

Metalfan: what does the cover represent? Whose ideea was it?
Magnus: The cover is made out of characters and environments in the Eternal Kingdom. It's been drawn and compiled by Erik (in the band) and another dude called Pär Olofsson.

Metalfan: Do you plan to release any videos for this album?
Magnus: Hopefully.

Metalfan: Did you ever think to release a video for each song of the album, something like a movie, and then to release a DVD?
Magnus: No.



Metalfan: I konw that you will go on tour, do you have any plans to play in Romania?
Magnus: Unfortunately, it looks like we arent gonna make it to Romania for quite a while yet. We are gonna tour in other parts of the world for a while now. Hopefully sometime later though.

Metalfan: What do you most like to do when your not playing with Cult of Luna?
Magnus: Racing my brand new italian bike!

Metalfan: Thank you for your time. In the end would you like to send few words to our readers or to add something?
Magnus: Peace n Love! Have an excelent day!

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