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BLOODWAY announces new album’s name and a tour with VALBORG and PERIHELION

BLOODWAY announces new album’s name and a tour with VALBORG and PERIHELION
The new Bloodway record is called Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams and will be released on CD, on 25th of September 2015, by I, Voidhanger Records. Unlike the first release of the band, this one will be a full-length record, which spins for 43 minutes. Click the link below to listen to a live song from the new album:


For promoting the new material, Bloodway will play a concert series in Romania, together with Valborg (Germany) and Perihelion (Hungary). The mini-tour will go under the name of Horrors Of The Unknown over Romania 2015. Here are the dates:
September, 25th - Cluj | Flying Circus
September, 26th - Râmnicu Vâlcea | Aby Stage
September, 27th - Bucureşti | Fabrica
September, 30 th – Constanța | Goblin *
October, 1st - Craiova | Perdido Station *

*For the dates marked with an asterisk, Perihelion will not be included.
On the occasion of this tour, Valborg will promote as well its new released album, Romantik.

Concerning Valborg’s music, Tom Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Apollyon Sun) said in 2009 that the way this band manifests on stage is something like this: „The rawness and nihilism emanating from the stage was fiercely addictive. It was almost as if witnessing a mixture of Bohren und der Club of Gore, early Black Sabbath, and Hellhammer. And yet Valborg are abundantly original and unique.

After releasing four albums, based around experimental skull-crushing doom, this time Valborg added a nuance to their smile. They dive deeper into the heart-tearing atmospheres of the abyss of which no other humans ever dare to think. This development soothes the lonely hearts of metal warriors, gives them strength and finally leaves them sad and broken,” the band said.

Perihelion is an avant-garde post-black metal band from Hungary and not long ago, they signed with Apathia Records for a new album, called Zeng, which is to be released on 19th of October, 2015. After changing the name from Neokhrome to Perihelion, the band released an EP, Nap Fele Néz, which was very well received by the international metal Media.


Regarding this tour, Costin Chioreanu said the following:
Our intention is to do something special for the release of our new disc in Romania, something like a gift for all those listeners who go against type. That’s why we arrived at this line-up that is so stylistically diverse and so interesting at the same time. Valborg is a band that I listen to with great attention since many years ago, and Perihelion was a very pleasant surprise. It is amazing to have three unusual bands that go in a tour with new setlists, and all of them will release something new, or will be about to do it at that moment. I am so glad that we managed to do this thing possible, besides the blocks and troubles that we found in our way. See you this autumn, the season when Bloodway feels the best!

More details about the new Bloodway album, Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams, soon!

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