Curtea Suprema FORMAT: CD
REALEASE DATE: 22.02.2013
RECORD COMPANY: Imbecil Entertainment
USERS RATING: 11 votes

Top 2013: #98
AbnormyNdeffect more
Mircea Batca - voce
Radu Ghidirim - chitara
Iurii Barabadus "Yura" - bas
Stefan Babara- tobe

01. Ireversibil02. Alb-Negru03. Manipulat04. Prea Mult Gunoi05. Spre Orbii Vostri06. In Noapte07. Cum Ar Trebui Sa Fie08. Om Pur-Instinct

Finally! After five years without a release, the Moldovans from Abnormyndeffect launched their second studio album, called Curtea Suprema on 22 February 2013 in the Albion club in Chisinau. With this occasion, the band celebrated their 10th anniversary. 10 years of frustration, disgust and brutality. Looking back, I can say that these 10 years were not wasted. Three demos, a split EP and two studio albums + a lot of shows and tours, especially in Eastern Europe.

Curtea Suprema shows us a more visceral side of the band. Keeping the alternation between simple and compound measures, and the deep, simple and direct sound, the band has added more movement to its song writing. Practically, Abnormyndeffect have managed to create their own style and a rather unique one at that. Ok, you’ll find similarities with bands such as Meshuggah or Cephalic Carnage, or even Suffocation in places, but Abnormyndeffect means much more than that. I first came into contact with their music when they were releasing Betwin (2008). I can say that it was love at first sight (or listening). I’ve waited and followed the band both online and physically, as much as I could, never missed the opportunity to interview them whenever possible. Why? Because they deserve it. Why? Because their music and lyrics are real, direct and raw, but still retain a certain subtlety. Abnormyndeffect manage to fill a real empty place in a brutal way.


"Prea multi lacomi - putini oameni satui. 

Prea multi satui de bariere.

Si-s lacomi sa le darame chiar cu mainile legate

Trecand peste durere." - Prea mult gunoi


"Too many greedy - too few fed. 

Too many fed up with barriers.

Greedy to break them down with their hands tied

Going past pain." - Too much garbage




"Jungla de piatra imi zgaraie coatele.

Nu de la tarat ci de la impins ziduri ca sa vad soarele. 

Imi taie calcaii si-n gat imi sta pielea ei moarta.  

Fiinte de fier imbricate in carne se roaga la soarta.

Jungla de piatra imi zgaraie capul,

Imi slefuieste creierul ca sa dau inapoi ca racul

La tot ce-i natural si iese din suflet.

Cu sacul sa torn in mine doar tot ce-i putred." - Om pur instinct


"The stone jungle is bruising my elbows.

Not from crawling but from pushing into walls to see the sun

It cuts my heels and chokes me with its dead skin

Beings of iron clad in flesh pray to the fates


The stone jungle is bruising my head,

Polishing my brain so I move in reverse

From all that is natural and comes from the heart

So I fill myself with just the rot” - Pure instinct man


Curtea Suprema is like an erupting volcano, its lava devouring everything in its path. Everything is direct and uncompromising. From Radu’s guitar journeys, Stefan’s rhythm changes, Yura’s bass games and Mircea’s sharp lyrics, they all raise the alarm that things need to change. The record is the “lava”that was needed for a change, for things to disappear and be reborn into something better. Only time will tell what that will be.

So, if you are into guttural polyrhythmic sounds but you enjoy good lyrics in your extreme metal, Abnormyndeffect and their Curtea Suprema is just the thing for you.

H. more Nota: 8.5

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