MINISTRY - Relapse

Relapse FORMAT: CD
REALEASE DATE: 23.03.2012
RECORD COMPANY: 13th Planet Records

Top 2012: #139
Ministry more
Al Jourgensen – voce, chitara, clape
Mike Scaccia – chitara
Tommy Victor – chitara
Tony Campos – bass
Casey Orr – bass, clape
Samuel D'Ambruoso – programare tobe, voce

Sin Quirin – chitara
Angelina Jourgensen – voce
Hector Munoz – voce
Marty Lopez – voce

01. Ghouldiggers02. Double Tap03. FreeFall04. Kleptocracy05. United Forces06. 99 Percenters07. Relapse08. Weekend Warrior09. Git Up Get Out 'n Vote10. Bloodlust11. Relapse (Defibrillator Mix)

I never thought I’d end up writing something bad about Ministry.  I thought my hand would refuse and would just drop from my shoulders. But I remember voting for Iliescu to keep Vadim from becoming president and I realized my poor hands could take a lot of stupid commands in the name of conscience (or with the excuse of conscience).


I wrote a while ago that The Last Sucker (2007) was Jourgensen’s swan song. If you look at the comments for that review, you’ll see that opinions were divided. However I think most people would agree that it would have been great if The Last Sucker (2007) actually were the swan song, considering Relapse.


Ever since I saw Ghouldiggers on YouTube I thought the thing was stretched pretty thin. Record labels and managers may be assholes, but they didn’t stick the needle in Al’s vein or stop him from releasing albums when he saw fit. And it certainly wasn’t them who made him release this album with things I’ve heard 100 times before (which may be forgivable) played without inspiration (which is not).


The essence of this failure, for me, lies in the lyrics of the title song:


Well, I love life to death

And I also love crystal meth

Those two usually don’t get along

And a lot of people think it’s wrong.


Here’s a paradox which would have been cool if it hadn’t been heard a thousand times before, followed by one that’s a bit more ok, but then killed by the poet over-explaining it in the last two verses.


The same goes musically. Songs that seem good have twins on previous albums (Kleptocracy or Double Tap), and other interesting songs - like 99 Percenters - die toward the end, smothered by a repetitiveness that fails to be as addictive as Just One Fix. Pun not intended :)


Honestly, come to think about it, I think I could have forgiven anything to Jourgensen. This is not the first album with musical issues. And it has some interesting points, such as the guitar solos – not quite Malmsteeen, of course, but this is industrial...


But, when some heavy-metallers were laughing at Ministry for being repetitive and that Jourgensen keeps saying Just One Fix for 5 minutes and what the hell is that music, I was saying: “Yeah, he may not be a great vocalist, but he’s SMART, suckers”. And I think that’s the greatest pain: Jourgensen doesn’t seem so smart anymore. I don’t know if it’s the weed replacing stronger stimulents, or from age...


They say about another huge band that’s 100% dependent on its leader – Megadeth – that they release much better albums when republicans are in power, because Mustaine finds his vitriol in his blood. David has proven this to be wrong, but Al truly seems to be dependent on the Bush administration for inspiration. Perhaps he should replace all substances with a drug synthesized from Bush Jr’s feromones. It would be expensive, but it would be great for his health, and his career.

Tzugu more Nota: 6.5

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Comment on: Relapse

  • Nu stiu despre tine, dar niciodata nu as putea sa-i votez pe Iliescu si ai sai...

    1. Posted by Fantotzii | 01 Octombrie 2012 22:06
  • Textele astea de *** pe care le scrii tu, despre una dintre cele mai tari trupe ale momentului, spun despre tine multe lucruri.
    Nu de bine.

    2. Posted by MetalHead | 01 Octombrie 2012 22:51
  • Suptzire albumu. Nush ce l-a mancat in cur sa o arda mai thrash, nu i-a iesit deloc, ma enerveaza si coveru de la United F. Are niste solouri p-acolo pa album, chorusuri, refrene comerciale ***, faze d-astea, ketchup ca sa dea gust la un parizer cam obosit pe care il tot invarte. Fara nerv, dracu', este ca o pulah semi sculata, sa ma cac in el de meth.

    3. Posted by Negura | 02 Octombrie 2012 02:55
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