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CRYPTOPSY: speaking of the Unspoken

CRYPTOPSY: speaking of the Unspoken
BANDS : Cryptopsy


Metalfan: Hello Flo and welcome to Metalfan! Please make a short history of Cryptopsy for our readers who are not familiar with the band.
Flo Mounier: Cryptopsy was formed around 1991, we have 6 albums out plus one live cd. The band has gone through many line up changes and has been known to be innovators in the field of extreme metal. For a full bio go check out

Metalfan: On May 26th you will realease a new full-length, the 6th if I'm  right, entitled The Unspoken King. Could you tell us few words about each song  on it?
Flo Mounier: Well all I can really say is that each song is different on this record. Each song will take you on a different trip.

Metalfan: I've heard a rumor that you wanted to cancel the realease of this  album because two songs had leaked on the internet, is it  true? What do you think about MP3s? They are good or bad for a band like Cryptopsy?
Flo Mounier:No that was a rumour started by someone with a lot of time on their hands, hahaha. I don't think mp3s are very good for a band cause it just ruins the advertising campaigne thats involved in the promotion of a release. Also there are people that ruin it for the rest, they say their opinion and then other more influencible people, instead of judging for themselves, jump on the bandwagon and form an opinion on what the others say. Its like christmas, if you knew all that you were getting before the day of, then all the fun would be taken out. thats the way I see it, not to mention the companies loosing money and not giving the bands tour support because of it. So it seems that everyone gets fucked.

Metalfan: Why did Lord Worm leave the band? How did you meet Matt Mcgachy? What is the most important difference between them?
Flo Mounier: Worm left because him and I had a discussion one night and determined that it was time for a change, for him and us. I saw Matt at a show and asked him to come try out. The big difference is in talent. Matt is on and claculating and has a singing voice, worm is a noise machine, they have two very different styles.



Metalfan: The Unspoken King is the first album with Matt McGachy (vocals) and also featuring Maggie Duran (keybords), how do you think that the fans  will recieve this two newcomers?
Flo Mounier: When we write music we don't base it on peoples reaction. Some will like it some won't, can't please everyone.

Metalfan: Maggie Duran has left the band already. Did you see her just as a studio musician from the start, or as a full time member?
Flo Mounier: Well we originally wanted a full time player, but in studio lots of her stuff just wasn't used, so now we are back to a five piece live and will see about her for the next album.

Metalfan: From what I've heard on Cryptopsy's Myspace page the new songs have a  new direction. How would you best  describe your music?
Flo Mounier: Extremely dynamic, very new and fresh. Very hard to describe but some songs go from one sprectum of extremex to another and flows effortlessly. Brutal and catchy, very fast and very feeling.



Metalfan: How are things going with Century Media Records? What are your favorite bands from Century Media beside your band?
Flo Mounier: Things are going very well with the label, we are very fortunate this time around to be working with our favorite team from the states and Europe. Lots of great bands on the label, no favorites.

Metalfan: You will be on tour in Canada, Europe and then in the USA. Why you don't also come in Romania since you are touring Europe?
Flo Mounier: Well we don't decide these things. I guess its up to the promoters in Romania to make an offer for us to come.

Metalfan: If you have to choose one word for each of your band mates which it would be?
Flo Mounier: Eric: cool, Alex: nerves, Chris: virtuose, Matt: talent

Metalfan:  What pisses you off the most regarding Cryptopsy? Why?
Flo Mounier: The lack of attention that we have gotten in comparisence to the amount of people we have influenced.

Metalfan: On a scale from 1 to 10 in influencing death metal, where do you see Cryptopsy? Why? Between what bands?
Flo Mounier: 9, for sure, bands that came out after None So Vile in the extreme or death genre know who we are, there is no doubt. There are many other bands in the death genre that have influenced other, like Suffocation, Death, Morbid Angel, etc...

Metalfan: If you would have to play in a movie what type of movie would you choose from comedy, horror or porn?
Flo Mounier: I am a person of different moods, so it really depends on how I am feeling. I like it all.

Metalfan: Thank you for your time Flo! In the end would you like to send few words for our readers?
Flo Mounier: Yes thanks for your support and see you on tour possibly in November 2008. Have a nice day.


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